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thank you for the responses, however, it was three triangles, almost like teeth, separated.
I saw a pocket square in a store and would like to replicate it. It is three triangles, but each one bigger then the one before it. one is an inch high, second one is 2 inches high, 3rd is 3 inches high. Each on is separated. thank you
Any new update about Ralph Lauren outlet at woodbury? Anything new going on at polo outlet there. Sales, stock, etc.
I have a bunch of geox shoes. Like them a great deal. there are other threads here on this topic. They last reasonably long. I like that my foot breaths in them.
Other then buying online or i would suggest going to an oitlet in the us. Nmlc or off saks would be able to help u. If u r looking in the city Perhaps harry rosen outlet in mississauga or Holt renfree last call in vaughan mills Shopping center
Nice suit Looks new The guy got it for 250 at an outlet What a steal
for myself, I do not think it matters. I have never purchased anything at Harry's main store. Only a few items if that at his outlet. I am an educated consumer and price is important. It would be very difficult to wean someone like myself from stop shopping at the US based outlets. As for the Canadian marketplace, Harry's name comes up each time when one considers high end goods for men. The rest of the market is fragmented amongst mom and pop stores. Ripe fo...
looks reversible
those shots show the handwork, the rest of the shirt is a standard italian looking shirt.Keep in mind that there are 3 brands, dressed, mano and another that I forgot the name. Mano was the only one with handwork. The rest is the same as del sinea and so on,.
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