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...Was a little winded from the 3 hours of walking after the flight man. Did find some good options close by.
walked up Kearney and Post ; went to Ghurka -- great bags. Walked up to Japantown; so clean and peaceful and they have a DAISO!!! I saw some great looking bars (Rye ; Whiskey Traders? ; Blur) I came across a place called Hops & Hominiy that looked delicious, but i was stuffed from the crab. I'm actually surfing online now looking for some late night dinner options. So far, SF has a serious problem with the homeless. It's fucking strange. Plus some of the areas and...
This was amazingly delicious. The gf and I devoured it!!
lol.. at least it isn't freezing rain and snow and ice and sleet... I heard what's happening here will hit NY on sunday when I go back. pure win! anyone up for a lunch reco within walking distance or perhaps one that's worth a cab ride ? Yelp can be a clusterfuck sometimes. Based on some earlier reco's I'm close enough to this spot: http://www.yelp.com/biz/r-and-g-lounge-san-francisco If nothing else comes up this looks pretty sweet after a 6.5 hour flight.
Just arrived. UberX was the way to go.. $32 ($22 after $10 promo) bucks and it was really quick. I'm from NY and work in the flatiron; my bad about the W Union Square typo. The lobby is definitely kind of sceney but the room is great so far and perfect for my short trip/needs. Now off to score some lunch, probably some chinese, and get lost/familiar with my surroundings.
Flying to SF tomorrow via JetBlue -- BART to the W Union Square or Cab ?
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! If nothing else, I look forward to a few good meals, weather that's a bit warmer and some time with the gf.
you have no issues with the salt stains? especially with the shell ?
Heading to SF next weekend - Thurs to Sat; Never been and I am all about the food -- so what are some "musts"? I'm curious to finally see what this obsession is with "mission" style Mexican - thoughts? and want to try the Chinese (R&G/Sang Tung) Perhaps two nights I'm interested in making a reservation -- any reco's ? Besides the Golden Gate/Alcatraz and Fishermans Wharf -- what are some good things to do during the day ? Harry.
+1000Timberlands may not be popular or sexy, but for me, I haven't taken them off since December.
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