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Thanks Joffrey. Sounds great. How did you get the table service sorted out for both places? Did it on-site or worked with someone beforehand ?
What's good SF'ers. It's been a while! I'm heading out to the west coast next week to celebrate a bachelor party and to kick back for a few. Itinierary Arrive LAX on 8/18 at 11:30. Pick up rental car and head out to the airbnb we scored out in Redondo Beach. We are thinking about hitting an Angel game tuesday night and come back and pick up a late bite. Wednesday during the day hit the beach, grab a nice lunch and maybe r10 social house? Head out to marina del rey and...
...Was a little winded from the 3 hours of walking after the flight man. Did find some good options close by.
walked up Kearney and Post ; went to Ghurka -- great bags. Walked up to Japantown; so clean and peaceful and they have a DAISO!!! I saw some great looking bars (Rye ; Whiskey Traders? ; Blur) I came across a place called Hops & Hominiy that looked delicious, but i was stuffed from the crab. I'm actually surfing online now looking for some late night dinner options. So far, SF has a serious problem with the homeless. It's fucking strange. Plus some of the areas and...
This was amazingly delicious. The gf and I devoured it!!
lol.. at least it isn't freezing rain and snow and ice and sleet... I heard what's happening here will hit NY on sunday when I go back. pure win! anyone up for a lunch reco within walking distance or perhaps one that's worth a cab ride ? Yelp can be a clusterfuck sometimes. Based on some earlier reco's I'm close enough to this spot: If nothing else comes up this looks pretty sweet after a 6.5 hour flight.
Just arrived. UberX was the way to go.. $32 ($22 after $10 promo) bucks and it was really quick. I'm from NY and work in the flatiron; my bad about the W Union Square typo. The lobby is definitely kind of sceney but the room is great so far and perfect for my short trip/needs. Now off to score some lunch, probably some chinese, and get lost/familiar with my surroundings.
Flying to SF tomorrow via JetBlue -- BART to the W Union Square or Cab ?
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! If nothing else, I look forward to a few good meals, weather that's a bit warmer and some time with the gf.
you have no issues with the salt stains? especially with the shell ?
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