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RE: Fit. The posts I found before buying that the fit was "slim" in the body but the arm length was good - not too short. Fabric seemed to get a solid thumbs up all around, as Moo noted above. We'll see when they arrive, but the free shipping and return minimizes the risk factor. Price-wise, it's hard to beat the Filson tote I got from them for $39 two weeks back, but at -$60 I threw down for a pair.
Martin + Osa is offering 50% off all sweaters through this Wednesday 11/25 -- that brings the cashmere v-necks down to $59/a pop with free shipping/ free return shipping over $100. I searched the Forum before I pulled the trigger and cheapest they have been listed in the past was $55, but considered a great deal at $79. Not seen if you go to the site and click on sales so here's the link: http://www.martinandosa.com/web/brow...1&ed_mid=43138
Sorry I wasn't clear above - I have a couple of their cashmere ties and thickness is not an issue -- very nice stuff and a killer deal on sale. By "Thin" I meant width... they are skinner than what I usually wear...
I have a few M&S ties -- very nice and great service, but they do run on the thinner side of the equation.
I have this jacket in a 150 Aquaspider - it's about as lethal as a navy blazer gets...
Outsole measurements?
+100 to the OP. Just as I was ordering the bag the shopping cart shut down, kicked me out, and told me that the site "was undergoing maintenance" - lovely. Got on the phone and banged on customer service (who originally told me that their e-commerce failure was my problem) and walked away with it for $39 total. Arrived two days later... can't beat it!
What model is this suit -- S or V? Thanks!
Outsole measurements?
Ferguscan - what size are you in your "regular" shoes?
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