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Pants. I think it would be very difficult to navigate the world without them...
If you have a wide foot, you can rule the Lowndes out - the 348 last is relatively narrow and the toebox will apply a footbinding-like crush to your forefoot. If you like this look, you can get the Seymour on the 337, but will have to order it from C&J in the UK As noted above, you will fare better with the 337 and the 325 (which has a rounder toe) and the 240, which can be found on sale at Brooks in black or brown perf captoe in a generous E fitting. The elongated...
BroBro on sale -- usually in the $50-70 range for something classic
I'm 6' and I go with 2" cuffs on everything - flat or pleated, but about the only pleated pants I have are with some of my suits.
Pity it isn't a 54 - I've been looking for this suit in that size for the past 9 months - or it would be gone, gone gone... Great suit - best of luck!
I scored two pair from the shoe bank - brown calf for $85 (they screwed up the order and cut the price to make up for the hassle) and the suede ones for $129 a few months back. NOTE: Be aware that this is the new 0 last and sizing is pretty tricky. I am a solid 10.5/EE in US, but I took a 10 E in these - they are longer and wider than you'd expect. I ordered my regular size and my feet were swimming in them; luckily they had the correct size in stock and swapping them...
If it's suede, I'd say go for the Kempton - I have a pair and they have held up very well and the shape is appealing, not too pointy and not at all blobby. Like many above, they are all weather beater shoes. If it's calf, then C&J probably gets the nod. I tend to think that paying more for suede shoes just isn't worth it as there is very little difference in quality between the uppers of any of the UK brands.
No surprises here - 1962 MGA Mark II!
I have some extra room in the rip of the shoe due to the elongated nature of the last, but I have a wide (EE) foot and only went down 1/2 a size (to a UK/10) from my US fitting (US 10.5) and it is fine -- no looseness.
I spent most of last summer in Bogota and heard about this guy. Although he started out responding to the demand during the height of the narco-terror days and had a thriving business throughout SA, he does hardly anything locally anymore -- it's all international, most of it seemingly in the Middle East. Given that the drug operations and the FARC guys have been pushed out into the jungle these days, his move to foreign markets makes sense. Security (mostly private) is...
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