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Outsole measurements?
+100 to the OP. Just as I was ordering the bag the shopping cart shut down, kicked me out, and told me that the site "was undergoing maintenance" - lovely. Got on the phone and banged on customer service (who originally told me that their e-commerce failure was my problem) and walked away with it for $39 total. Arrived two days later... can't beat it!
What model is this suit -- S or V? Thanks!
Outsole measurements?
Ferguscan - what size are you in your "regular" shoes?
Ahh, the H-width mystery continues! I am not too worried about the "clunk" factor as I will be wearing them as casual shoes so the "comfort" part of the equation is appealing. Plus, it rains a bit here in the Pacific NW so the weatherproof sole is welcome. I was going to go for the Gs as that is close to what I normally take in a regular shoe and I figured my trusty stretcher would do the rest. But all this talk about a cramped toe box has me hesitating and...
Measurements? The OP claimed that they were different widths, but had the same width measurement - that would be a first, no?
Can someone tell me (in inches) how wide a 10H outsole is? I have found that a 10G is 4 3/8" wide and 12.5 long, but can't seem to find the measurements for an H. I know that i will take a 10 in RMW length-wise, but I have had to stretch the G fitting on a pair of suede Loake beaters to accommodate my left foot. I am looking at a pair of Comfort Craftsmans for the winter and, given all the talk about the narrowness of the toe due to the extra insole, I am just...
All: Please note updated measurements posted above. Upon taking them this AM I realized what the problem was for me -- upper thighs are too slim; everything else works. FWIW, I am a standard 34 waist but always have to "size up" to a 35/36 in Incos or other "slim cut" pants. These fit fine in the waist (and could even be taken in a bit), but the trimness in the thigh was the deal breaker. Pity as they are quite nice. And my thanks to Rob and Grayland for the...
Put aside the fact that it's built on a swamp and has the climate ( and local politics to match), DC = JAB Outlet festival minus tailors.
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