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So does it have a natural or a structured shoulder?
Tony -- I clicked through to your site... is one of those suits in the pics an A model?
Thanks all - How would you say this compares to say an Isaia in terms of fit and silhouette?
I'm a consultant as well and deal mostly with C-level executives in terms of business development and strategy. I also work with a large number of creatives in executing work, so I have a foot in both camps and - bonus round - I work in a variety of sectors (financial, technology, telecomm, etc.) so I get to see a lot of cultures during the course of the year. I dress on the SF-approved upside of "business casual" (whatever that means) - tailored slacks, sportscoat,...
Does anyone here own one of these?
Just came across a deal on one of these online - measurements are spot on and price is right, but there isn't a lot of information on these. I called the flagship store in NYC, but they didn't have too much to say other than it was a "softer, thinly padded shoulder model that is much more like a classic Italian silhouette than our traditional models." Any thoughts on the cut, fit, shoulders, and style of this model?
Sorry - that's the lens on the camera. Jacket is clean
I have a fall/winter weight dark green wool Brioni sportscoat that I have found to be quite versatile. It came with dark grey MOP buttons that my tailor wanted to swap out for brass ones, making it a blazer. I waved him off, figuring that the metal buttons would really limit how it could be worn. Three years later I'm glad I didn't listen. Works with gray, taupe, tan slacks and khakis equally well. I've seen a lot of guys in Italy rock a green jacket, but agree that...
Zegna Navy Blazer in High Performance wool, Euro 54/US 44 but fits more like a slim US42. Pick stitching, 3-to-2 roll, double vents, brass basketweave buttons, softer shoulder than typical for Zegna. High Performance fabric is a very high-twist weave that resists wrinkling and the finish resembles a higher grade hopsack texture (see sleeve pic for best representation of material). Nice weight - could be used year-round, but breathes quite well and would be a great...
I've been wearing them all my life - used to buy the rejects out of big bins at their factory in Connecticut for something like $12 when I was in high school - and always think of them more as a slipper than a shoe. They are insanely comfortable and Sperry offers a wide fitting for those of us who aren't a standard D-width I think they go well with just about anything casual and the more beat up or brine soaked the better. Topsiders that get a lot of exposure to salt...
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