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If you are targeting the Rack, then be sure to look at Facconable's ties - some, not all, are made by Bruer and are high quality and can be had for a great price.
Sorry, I don't know the Boglioli models - I grabbed a couple in the post-Xmas sales where prices were slashed to $2-250. My ideal BOC measurements should be 31.5 and this was more in the 29.5/30 range - close but no cigar. My sense is that the cut is part of the current trend to go shorter in the profile, but that whole Thom Brown-ish thing doesn't work for me. RE 3 beans for JA. Agreed. Normally I wouldn't even look at his stuff, but these pieces are a real aberration...
I've ordered a few Bogliolis and an LBM from YOOX and had to send them back - the sleeves (working buttons) were fine in length but the length is cut very short on a regular but I can't seem to find any Longs. Strange but true, I stumbled across this jacket from Joseph Abboud about a year ago in a Nordie's Rack while hunting down some shoe trees - zero padding, unlined, dual vent, working buttons but long sleeve ends for easy fix, patch pockets, wool, cashmere, silk...
Mine have worn well and are great for wet weather, but they are quite slippery when coming in out of the rain.. say you walk into a market with a tiled floor, it's easy to wind up on your ass.
What's the length on these like? I got a few Bogliolis at the YE sale and they were all a bit too Thom Brownish in length, so back the went. Are the LBMs the same?
Hi, Can you shoot me outsole measurements? Thanks in advance, Tom
Brown suede monks, chukkas, or loafers. Go with pretty much anything, classy yet casual, don't have to shine em. I have them all and they are my most frequently worn shoes in a decent-sized rotation. I think you can score the loafers at BroBro's current sale for less than $200 now - they also have a black suede version.
You may want to look at Patagonia's classic board short. I have been surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding etc. for the last 30 years and pretty much tried them all. These are a great, simple clean design - not too short, long, or baggy - and dry fast and wear well. Colors patterns vary with seasons, but staple colors - black, navy, green, red - can usually be found easily. Also look on 6pm.com for closeouts. I bought a couple of pair last year between $18-30/pair.
You can find the westchester at the outlets for $135. They will ship if you call or email them...customer service is very responsive and helpful I picked up a pair in the suede a few months ago - great shoe - but beware of the sizing. I had to go down a full size.
I'd go with Incotex - either the winter chinos or the high comfort regular chinos. Winter chinos are a heavier twill a la Bill's.. they are my favorite casual pants Mabitex tends to have a much lower rise, except for their upper lines; Incos generally have a standard trouser rise and are extremely comfortable and look much, much better than any of the pants mentioned above. Just beware of the ankle measurement at the hem as this can vary widely by the factory they come...
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