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I'd look on FleaBay and just be picky - I just scored a mainline Canali super 120s tux (peak lapel, no vents, one button) in almost new shape (seemed virtually unworn) for $130 all in. Just had to hem the pants, adjust the sleeves and the waist (and add suspender buttons) and I was good to go. Then I looked on BroBro's sit for a new tux shirt and was stunned to see that I would have to shell out $135 for it!
I think one needs to be careful not to over-think the classics so, for me, it's Sperry's Topsider in brown. They wear like slippers, get a great patina over time, breathe surprisingly well with no socks, and last for years even with repeated exposure to salt water. Besides, if you're on a boat, you're usually "top side," eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted I can't believe I forgot to mention this. It drives me insane. Having seen it happen even once is far too much. Who are these dudes and what are they thinking? I don't know what the Africans were thinking, but lots of Chinese from Mainland China do this to show off the brands of suits they bought. For them, the tag on the sleeve is a badge of honour for brand chasers. I think this practice is on the wane, though. Hey -...
I've been shopping at Brooks (NYC store @ 346) since I was in prep school. I've been out West for the last 25 years and they opened one locally about four years ago. I'll hit it on sales for the odd pair of Peals or a belt or tux shirt, and have found the service to be pleasant but consistently dismal. On no less than three occasions, they haven't had what I wanted in stock. Fine. They call around and order it, I pay and get free shipping. So far, so good. Then the...
How wide is it?
Great pair of Chippewa motorcycle (or "engineer") boots, black, 9" high. Steel toe and heavy shank, vibram soles, double buckles. Worn maybe 10 times, the sols are virtually new...these things have decades left in them! $200 new if you can find em; $75 shipped with PP personal payment.
Zegna 44R 15Mil15 (150s wool) Sportscoat, Navy with very subtle reddish brown/light blue windowpane pattern, but looks like solid Navy from more than a few feet away. Lightly worn - I haven't put in on in the last year - always in a ceadr closet on a fat wood hanger. Fully canvased, the jacket is 100% wool with subtle weave texture and great hand, 3/2 roll, twin vents, sewn-on sleeve buttons for easy adjustment. Great piece, very versatile, just has fallen out of the...
Green Tie gone...
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