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Canali Mainline (Blue Label) Sportscoat. Dark tan with brown dogstooth and tan/blue windowpane; 3/2 roll, lightly padded shoulders, fully canvassed, twin vents, working buttonholes on sleeves - $100/OBO shipped USPS Priority CONUS Shoulder: 19 Chest: 21 Sleeve 24.75 BOC 31 Note, main shot of jacket came out weirdly dark for some reason - it is more tan than this; I think detail shot is better capture of color . PM me for more pics!
Zegna Navy 15Mil Sportscoat, Navy with fine red and light blue windowpane but appears to be solid navy from a short distance. 3/2 roll, fully canvassed, twin vents, non-working buttons on sleeves. Wool but feels more like cashmere – only “flaw” is cracked button (black – easily replaceable) on Left sleeve. $100 Shipped USPS Priority CONUS Shoulder: 19.5 Chest: 22 Sleeve 24” + 1” underneath BOC 32
Harrods Navy Doeskin Double Breasted Blazer – a true classic, wonderful hand, 6/2 with dark brass basketweave buttons, twin vents, subtle pick stiching on lapels, “Made In England” and is at least ½ canvassed – may be fully canvassed – non-working buttonholes, flawless shape, received as a gift, but I don't really rock DBs, so I'm passing it along - $80 Shipped USPS Priority CONUS Shoulder: 19 Chest: 21 Sleeve 24 BOC 32
Brioni Bottle Green Blazer – Palatino model - wool twill weave with wonderful hand and amazing drape, fully canvassed, twin vents 3/2 roll, working buttonholes. Very versatile piece that is a great alternative to a navy blazer. Bought from Ben at eHabedasher and worn perhaps a dozen times, always on a wooden hanger in a cedar closet, flawless shape- $200 Shipped USPS Priority CONUS Shoulder: 19.5 Chest: 22 Sleeve 24 BOC 32
Hey - I took the white, navy, & black ones a while back. I'll take the light blue one if you've still got it. Am out of the country now with sketchy wifi, so don't sweat if there is a gap in the response.. Thanks! Tom
Bump for an awesome seller and some killer stuff - amazed it is still here at these prices!
APCs - either the NS or the Rescues, or look at Tellason or 3Sixteens -.good denim without any stupid pocket stitching. Sizing can be a little tricky, but there is a ton of info on that in SWD. Once you figure out your correct size, you can get them new on FleaBay for less than 1/2 price.
Daniel Cremieux 7-fold tie, handmade in Italy, woven navy silk with white/red geometric pattern. Substantial silk, makes a great knot. Never worn - 58 x 3.5" at widest point. $45 shipped USPS prioirty CONUS with payment via PP personal
Men's Arctery'x Sidewinder - zip cuts across chest and closes on the side of your neck for comfort - parka in 3L Goretex. This is Arcteryx's top-of-the-line big mountain jacket for snowboarding or skiing and has all the bells and whistles - external quick adjust hood, snow skirt, massive pockets, arm pass/avy beacon pocket on left sleeve, waterproof zippers, etc. etc. Light yet completely bombproof and hard to find - many places are sold out even at $500. SIZE NOTE:...
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