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Hi - can you please send measurements? Thanks in advance, Tom
Although I have no idea what a tailor would charge, I might look at the Polo version of this before I commissioned one. While it does not have a wrap-around belt (just a martingale), it has every other bell or whistle you can imagine...including a set of peak lapels so big you can probably land a harrier jump jet on them. I have one and it is truly an astonishingly badass piece of haberdashery. But these coats are not small or lightweight and you'd have to live in a...
I've got 4 of these rigs: 1) Isaia 150s in the "old" Base S cut - zippo padding in the softly rounded shoulders (probably closer to the Scott model rather than the Stewart), perfect 3/2 roll, flapped pockets, incredible drape, this thing just shimmers when you wear it. I swapped the horn buttons with some antiqued brass shank numbers that are very discreet... a burnished metallic brown. This is my "dress" blazer - with a dark pair of gray slacks it comes across as quite...
Since we just touched March and I have already flown 60+K miles in 2016, I have a few well-tested thoughts on this subject: If you are a heavy duty traveler, luggage is a tool. It needs to be practical, rugged, adaptable, low/no maintenance, weather resistant, a reasonable weight, and - ideally - good looking. Look at any road warrior and, I can assure you, "leather" is not a material you will be seeing. Ever. It's an utter fail in most of the baseline requirements...
Thanks for asking: Saphir polish I have used is dark brown. Regarding the soles, that's a Q for the fine folks in Northampton as that is the way they came. I thought it unusual and a nice alternative to the other Danite-soled shoes I already owned.
Hi! Could you take a sec and shoot me the outsole measurements on these beauties? Length and widest at forefoot? Thanks in advance, Tom
You bet! Grassmeres: http://www.styleforum.net/t/513116/c-j-grassmere-w-crepe-sole-uk10-us11 Permed Cap toes: http://www.styleforum.net/t/513122/staple-alert-c-j-brown-perforated-captoes-us-11
Here's a pair of Incotex's classic high comfort chinos in a army green shade. Sized US/36 EU52 they have all the usual Inco goodies: flat front, split curtain waistband, hidden coin pocket on left, belt keeper etc. In great shape - no stains, tears, odors and recently pressed. Solid mid weight cotton chino Actual Measurements: - Waist 36 1/4" -Inseam 29.75" -Width @hem 8.75" -Cuff 2" Great all around pants in a versatile color: $45 shipped CONUS
Heads up boys - just posted two pair of C&J wide fits in size 11 US over in B&S - a lovely pair of Grassmeres that run really wide for a 325 last and a pair of brown pert cap dress shoes on the 240 last. I'm generally a US 11/EE and these work great - beautiful shoes in near new condition that just aren't making the rotation so they are priced to move.
Classic pair of flat front Incotex fine wale cords in black - perfect for the winter months ahead. EU/52 sizing which translates into a US 36 waist. Actual Measurements: Waist: 36" Inseam: 29.5" Width @ Hem: 9" Cuff height: 2" Black pants are about as tough as it gets to photograph, so I have added some detail shots. Very fine wale - I'd say 10-12 an inch - and super soft with all the sweet details that Inco is know for. Great casual/biz casual pant, but I find that I...
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