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Other tips? Is it even possible to get the think, firm look with my hair?
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Please don't dress like that guy. He's a hipster. Yuck. Indeed.
I dislike my current hair, along with the products I've tried. This is the current look: BUT: I'd like to get it more like this: And/or this: How can I do this? New hair cut? New hair product? Different styling process, perhaps?
I haven't been able to find running shoes that book look good and fit comfortably. (Preferably, black shoes.) Can you guys recommend me a good pair?
I want a pair of high top shoes to wear with grey/black/white clothing. Ideally, I'd like some of each color in the shoes. I found these, from Creative Recreation, which look okay: What do you think: yay or nay? If nay, can you recommend something better?
I look like my face baby fat never went away. And I feel that I'd look better with a tighter, leaner face (like most models). Is there any way to obtain this without plastic surgery? Worrddddddd.
I haven't been able to find a good-looking AND affordable one? Any tips?
About weekly, for me - though I'm a guy, which I think makes compliments rather rare.
I just found this Fendi bag in my garage. Apparently, it belonged to my grandfather. I think it's authentic, vintage fendi. Pictures are below. My questions: 1) Is this valuable or just a bag? How much is it worth? 2) I want to get a leather strap to go with it. Where do you recommend I go to get a good-looking, matching strap? Pictures:
I got the pink Gatsby Wax today and its perfect - in texture and strength. If it matters, I find it much stronger/better than the purple GW, which is in turn a lot better than American Crew Fiber (by a long shot). ONE MORE QUESTION: I still need to rearrange my hair every now and then due to a stray hair that'll pop up. Should I be looking for some type of firming/holding spray? What's cheap but good that you recommend, if yes?
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