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Are those Bordon in Cloud Antique on 202 last? There was one pair left on sale in Jermyn store in my size, but I never saw my self wearing the gray shoes. Though, they look lovely. [/quote] Yep. Thanks!
Can't believe these have been sitting in their box until today.
Thanks! Follow me on Soundcloud! /daviday
Margaret Howell South2 West8 Vass
RE: factory shop My return train ticket from London Euston was just 12 GBP. Purchased a week in advance. If you're flying to London just to shop in Northampton there are fairly cheap buses straight from Heathrow. I'm cheap so I walked to all the factory shops. Didn't take cabs or anything. It was just fine. I'm pretty sure you could just show up at EG without an appointment, but definitely worth calling beforehand. Lady said people visit every day. I ran into Japanese...
I did not see any shoe priced 500 quid. I tried maybe 7-8 pairs and they were all 295. They offer VAT refunds through a third party company. Handwritten forms that need to be stamped and mailed... Has never worked on previous trips (never saw the money) but I'll try again.
RE: Factory shop. All shoes I picked up were 295 GBP. Boots were 375. Flaws I noticed had to do with leather quality. There's an handwritten note inside every box explaining why the shoes were marked as rejects. Plenty of shoes in all sizes (looks like a real store, no pictures allowed). Lady is not as cold as previously reported. Shoe bags are 5 quid. Shoe trees are 70. So many shoes I wanted but I'm traveling around (in Berlin now) so I only left with one pair. EG was...
Went to the Tricker's Factory Store in Northampton yesterday and found it quite disappointing. Decent selection, but basically full priced (shoes starting at GBP 265). Best deal in Northampton is definitely Edward Green (didn't go to C&J).
Bordon in cloud antique from my factory shop visit.
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