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Thanks. Noticed a very similar one was posted on the previous page. Not sure if there's any difference between 'Coirib' (carried by Superdenim last year) and 'Muir' (which is the color that Frans Boone ordered for the upcoming season). Muir might be slllliiiiigggghhhhttttllllyyy darker.
Still quite hot in NYC, but couldn't resist this color. Just landed from Frans Boone.
My service boot in waxed flash arrived today. No noticeable flaws whatsoever. Unfortunately too small. Let me know if you want them. They are size 9.
Post Overalls ts(s) Vass
Same for me. Stuck in San Francisco custom. This had never happened to me. So weird.
Got a shipping notification.
Got a pair. Fascinating. Service boot in wax flesh size 9. I think. Not even sure. Everything happened so fast.
Reyn Spooner x LeatherSoul EG Quoddy
Kurashiki Kojima MHL Quoddy Wings + Horns ts(s) Edward Green
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