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Tales of ordinary madness - Bukowski Book of shorts. Excellent.
Actually on download... NYPD Blue, Just started Season 10. Started season 1 around September. Love the stuff. Cant find s11 for anything.
If you like 14yr old Danish girls getting their puppies out...
CitizenFour - worrying. very worrying. Predestination- interesting Land Ho! - funny in parts The Mule - " " "
good call, if a bit far west of the others.. very elegant city.
SOme cities much more humid than others. Mine and many others on this northern plane are particularly so. Yes, the shorts thing might be a no-no if one is of a certain sartorial persuasion, especially in the city I just dress for comfort...
All above are very nice, if less touristy than the other places you've visited. Nice lack of tourists... Also- Mantova (Mantua) is beautiful. See Palazzo Te and Teatro Bibiena. Vicenza - very nice, get a tour of the incredible Teatro Olimpico (seen at end of Ripley's Game) Verona is nice but a tourist hell most of the time PM me if you get to Modena and want eating recs .
not quite, but very hot in July and August. typically mid- to high 30s. Low 40s can be common in big cities. I find Florence particularly hot, mainly due to its position and geography. I wear linens. Shorts with a nice cut and length, linen shirts, sockless slim loafers, well-styled unfussy vintagey 'low-cut trainers' classier than the superga/allstar sector. I personally find it too hot to wear even a suit jacket during the day time. maybe in the evening. Having said...
Nightcrawlers - entertaining, somewhat predictable Gone Girl - entertaining if full of holes
FINANCIAL TIMES January 30, 2015 4:36 pm Jeans therapy Carl WilkinsonAuthor alerts Skinny, studded, sea-washed or selvedge? For the average male, buying jeans can be a baffling experience. Carl Wilkinson goes in search of drama-free denim ©Kobal Collection A denim-clad Robert Redford as Halsy Knox in ‘Little Fauss and Big Halsy’ (1970) I blame Hedi Slimane. At the helm of Dior Homme in the mid-2000s, he changed the male shape overnight. Out went the ideal of the strapping...
New Posts  All Forums: