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sounds likely.I'm looking forward to seeing a scene-by-scene remake of Deliverance with Mr Wahlberg in Mr Beatty's position.
most of the world's best movie output is not in English. Get into the habit. Second nature after a while. I don't speak French but most of my viewing is French with subs. No problem.
great blackish comedy.
Almost makes one glad to be living in the socailist hell of Yurp!
bank rate. Tourist rate around 1.2 at the mo.
^ this good to hear. Thanks. Amazing headphones.
it's been outlawed?!
At a Tango display in Pza Settembre XX last evening there was a gorgeous dancer I managed to get the number of and made a date for the weekend. Can't wait.
several of my students wear them midway between waist and pocket position. Kinda in your faccia. My eyes just involuntarily wander to it. Too overt, I'd say. Cuff seems subtle enough.
really, a doddle. Decent ingredients required, as always...
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