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not sure it works as a mockumentary but zach galifianakis is convincing. funny in places.
you're a poet
I'm not the best audience for sci-fi at the best of times but thought I'd give it a try as everyone's been raving about it. Gave up after an hour and de-loused the dog. Nice images at times.
finally succumbed to this. Funny for about 15m then wearisome. movie cliches till the cows come home. imagine a certain age group will get off on it
Enjoyable. Phoenix excellent.
Great little film with the wonderful (face of) Eddie Marsan playing a council officer tracking relatives down and organizing funerals for the unknown dead. Funny and sad by turns with a twist ending, which is the only one that could happen.
Good memories of this cute Wong Kar Wei movie which I hadn't seen since it's release and visiting Hong Kong in '94 during my smuggling days, Got a yearning for the street food. The Shaw Blades song will be going round my head for days. Very cute women.
Preferred the novella. Not Delillo's best but decent enough if you like DDagreed. One of my favourite movies. Hackman is terrific.
If you want to avoid crowds, Milan Expo starts on May 1. Many other cites are having Expo-related events too . It's got a strong food-related theme this time.
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