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. bit long but Interesting
Adorable Meg. God knows how I came upon this.
Joshua Ferris - to rise again at a decent hour. Pretty funny.
Very interesting with wonderful Ms Binoche
Back on thread: anyone yet seen Force Majeure? Looks rather interesting.
Cafe de Flore. Interesting film about a jet setting DJ.
Revisited - Sexy Beast, excellent. Sideways, also excellent. Love Paul Giamatti
agree. Terrific. Caught an exhib at foam in amsterdam which spun off this exposure.Intend to re-watch the NY times doc (forget title...), to re-visit the late david carr's appearance
Brilliantly acted small film. Provocative story too. Recommended. If you understand standard French you might still need subs as they speak a French dialect for the most part.
Lots of lovely Nordic nudity. And some blindness to help justify it.
New Posts  All Forums: