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Interesting adaptation of Georges Simenon work. Only 72' but very economical and interestingly directed and acted by Mathieu Amalric . Could see it getting Hollywood remake, with a happy ending.
This is mildly amusing, if one can understand scousers. Anyone with an interest Liverpool FCs 2005 European final come back against AC Milan in Istanbul might want to catch it. The acting in some parts is a bit ropey and the characters rather thin.
just caught American Sniper. I preferred American Psycho.
agreed. very nice. nice (and a bit sad) to see the terrific JG in a different role than that for which he's typically associated.
The Greece debt is forgiven for this little gem of weirdness."I won' let you lick me again"
uplifting 80s bitter-sweet comedy about working class Liverpudlian woman trying to get an education under dypso professor Michael Caine. Full of great one-liners
I think he was in Nymphomaniac.I had always thought his name was a Private Eye-esque joke celebrity name.
This is hilarious, particularly the sign language phone sex interpreter. The characters all having some sexual deviancy,- sexual arousal from crying, a rape fantasist, among others. The final scene brings several strands brilliantly together. One of my favourite comedies in a good while.
but it's a FACT, don't you see, a FACT!!!
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