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agree. Terrific. Caught an exhib at foam in amsterdam which spun off this exposure.Intend to re-watch the NY times doc (forget title...), to re-visit the late david carr's appearance
Brilliantly acted small film. Provocative story too. Recommended. If you understand standard French you might still need subs as they speak a French dialect for the most part.
Lots of lovely Nordic nudity. And some blindness to help justify it.
tender/bartender is masculine? I suppose it's understandable to want to over-compensate in some things.
two words: Masumi Goto. Seki. 2 yr waiting list is closed so more difficult to buy anymore.
Just got the new Van Morrison duets album. Some nice stuff. Good to hear Streets Of Arklow again, even if with Mick Hucknell And Eyvind Kang doing Zorn's Book Of Angels 21.
very nice. the 2 guys in the cars hilarious.
Nice docu on NYTimes photographer . Like the soundtrack too- Lounge Lizards . Thanks for site link NorCal
might check this out. I'm of similar tastes... Have you seen Jealousy by same director with Louis G his son acting? Not bad.
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