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The odour of young pussy filling the classroom after teaching for an hour.
Totally open.
As long as I can remember. When one considers the premier league theist beliefs (let alone the lower divisions) it really does all seem so much bollocks. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.
Slightly OT: I run a MacBook 10.5.8 and want to use Apple tv to watch routed external HD movies (non-iTunes etc) on my (non-wifi) HD tv. With the Mountain Lion upgrade permit this w/o any further software installs/manipulations etc? cheers.
Jolly sick of eating salads so had pancakes with bananas, maple syrup and Nutella. Cold Weissbier to wash down.
hey, at least we're not getting a big hard on for some comic adaptation sfx blockbuster doing the rounds.
love Brendan Gleason. See The Guard if you've not already. Bit weak in places but funny as the corrupt cop playing against the Don Cheadle's US cop.
The tone of the wardrobe in Allen's movies has been more or less the same since the 80s. Basically subdued hues, browns, olives, greys, beiges. Nothing too distracting. Something at the opposite of the Almodovar spectrum.Just re-watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona : love Javier Bardem's linen thing. Probably my favourite movie of his in last decade.
Big fan of Michael Sheen. See him in The Damned United.
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