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Artichoke tortelloni with porcini mushroom and black truffle sauce
Comfort food heaven - Gnocchetti with melanzane and pioppini mushrooms in tartufatta sauce . + Pata Negra Valdepenas 2007 Tempranillo
Karl gets bookish
Well Margaret was very interesting. Great central perfomance from Anna Paquin and all round. Nice tone, cinematography and direction. Probably one of the best movies this year so far. Not surprised it sank Stateside.
Margaret lined up for tonight. Heard great things about it. Anna Paquin is kind of popsyesque.
Zorn's Electric Masada - incomparable new Rufus Wainwright album. Caught solo show on euro tour in Venice Friday last.
Tango, baby!
^Nothing special in terms of plot (if you can follow). If special effects give you a stiffy, I imagine you'll be happy. Similar tropes seen many times before.
Les Infideles/The Players - Guys in Paris and their women targets. Funny and a little darkly profound in places.
Pussy. What's wrong with a fuckin' cracker or two?
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