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horror. not
what's funny, in your book?
interesting d.d. lewis role as a sick, off the grid living self sufficient single parent. his gf (keener) moves in with her two sons and things go Tits up. intimations of incest and a downbeat ending. how I like em.
excellent documentary. tons of interviews and old video footage
aside from a few cute one liners not a patch on the book. excellent performance from Emma Thompson. watched it mainly as p aul Giamati is in it, but not enough. another fine one from my fave of the moment, la Posey.
Check out the latest (5 Aug) Monocle magazine The Entrepreneur podcast for a fascinating interview with Konik's Tail founder Pleurat Shabani
Re-release for the Brit duo. Re-live such classics as -Having a wank -Hello Colin -Norman the carpet -You stupid cunt and Coughing contest. And read about here
yet another fine Losey film. camera work, acting, directing, score, all top drawer. Losey should be much better appreciated than he is. all but first 10' and final 20' in flashback but it works remarkably well.
+1very good indeed. Eddie marsan is generally terrific.
another spiffing Losey period film. bucolic setting. the lower orders knobbing the toffs. jolly japes ensue. good acting from the kid and wonderful cinematography.
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