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j crew. i find myself often dressed with at least 2-3 items from there. especially the t shirts.
In no particular order. J.Crew RL (Polo > PL > BL) Rugby American Apparel Levi's Engineered Garments Sperry Chucks (not really a brand) Hanes (just for the comfortsoft tshirts. seriously)
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Screw the Jeffersonians; I'd be an Anti-Federalist! *facepalm*
the yellow stripe really ruins the first ones for me... im agreeing with the others and saying buy some solid navy sperrys
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Which one requires recognizing the supernatural existence of a diaper wearing hippie who died for a bunch of nomads and market SAs even through nobody asked him to? very mature of you. in a discussion of politics especially.
then who was phone???
Quote: assymmetry does that mean your two ass cheeks are the same size?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie it also comes in grey. our local store had some buy one get one free on all shirts sweaters and t-shirts today, cheap steez for those into workwear IMO. not 100 percent how long it was lasting... but 2 decent fitting chambrays for 50 bucks is a pretty solid deal . i went in that day and they said it was just t-shirts and sweaters. so not buy one get one...
i picked up an extremely extremely extremely similar one from gap recently for $40. the quality is and cut are decent but for that price i had to get it. i'd recommend it, at least that shirt.
thats actually a bit smaller than what i'm looking for, thanks though. i'm looking for a pair of khaki stfs preferably at a local store but cant find any. oh well. anyway, on 501s: i must have weird shaped legs or something, because even after sizing down to get the waist/thigh fit right, the leg openings are huge. like i'm wearing bell bottom jeans or something. am i the only one that thinks this?
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