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You've seen nothing yet. Try Zimmerli boxers @ $91. I don't think there's anything topping that unless it's a Hermes exaggeration .
Filson bags get tossed around in a lot movies, but they're pretty inconspicuous for a +$300 bag. Only actual owners would get excited to see "their" bags in movies.
I use a real climbing biner, because it's big enough to let my keys drop halfway into my backpocket and I'm still able to sit without discomfort. You don't want your keys dangling around making janitor noises. Too bad your budget is that limited, cuz your missing out
Paul Trynka Q&A with Ralph : "8: Evisu, and others, famously claim to have bought "Levi's old looms", despite the fact that most of their early jeans were made on Toyoda looms at the Kurabo mill. You investigated what happened to the old looms, what's your description? We are close with our agents in Japan who well know the denim market there. To their knowledge, none of our looms, or any American Drapers ended up in Japan for the purpose of making denim. We have visited...
They're now considered the mainstream loud brand? How times have changed, I dig their pseudo-Japanese vibe however. Surprisingly many think they're a Japanese clothing company
Sadly Lexol statements put many innocent manufacturers in a bad light. I think they were referring to Kiwi, which coincidentally has a "fake" Mink Oil conditioner (with silicone) on the market.
Mink oil is mink oil, not sure how you deduced the silicone part.
It's fine. With a little more effort you can stretch the waist back to it's pre-soak size.
Yea, the arcs on the back pocket is similar to the 1947. But there's a reason why it's so cheap, the inseam is unforgiving 30" and would shrink to 27" after wash/soak. Never wash or turn into shorts...
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