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believe it or not, ive had more success with the made in china ones then the italian ones! dunno if its available anymore but the pliner eincho model, is pretty comfy, dress casual shoe that i got for like 70 bucks on amazon like a year ago; and i constantly get compliments on them! go figure! in fact they even seem to wear well. fwiw i think pliner realized how pathetic the "made in the mountains of china" looked, the second pair of these shoes i got didnt say it on the...
Hi there, i just put up a gorgeous new w tags solid navy lanvin size 48 wool sportcoat made by caruso. a real wardobe staple, i also had a lanvin navy pinstripe in 48 made by corneliani i was gonna put up a bit later. darn i cant even upload my pic here bec its too large!! anyways if your interested: jacket http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...STRK:MESELX:IT Suit http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...STRK:MESELX:IT definitely open to reasonable buy it nows,...
hi if anyone can help id this manufacturers tag, of this blazer, id really appreciate it. i hope i attached it right. i was just really curious. it has no brand/designer label inside , but it is fully canvassed, and is not like one of the few labels i can id, like caruso or corneliani which are more common. thanks!
dunno, was just googling a bit to find out more about mabitex and that popped up. seemed cool, but that was like a sample of the sites information, and im def not subscribing to that site, unless they can track when daffys gets stuff in my size!
i was wondering the same thing. mabitex seems quite good though so i am fine with it, especially if its available on a regular basis. its a little crazy with all the diff cuts/style son their dress pants. i recently bought 3 pairs that looked exactly the same and they all fit differently?! i always wondered how they got incotex so cheap. this seems to be there answer to dwindling incotex supplies, and keep us shopping there. check out this lading receipt for 3819kg of...
yea it happens to me sometimes, i always wondered about it. but usually the stuff still looked knew. although at least once i got something that was clearly used!! it was a coat with all this nasty pilling on it, and it didnt smell new either. inspect it carefully though, i just noticed that a pair of pants i recently purchased was slightly defective. the seam was not properly sewed up in the back. it was past the return time and i figure i can resew the seam for 15-20...
yup thats what im feeling too. i know hf ltd used to always be half canvassed; i have some like that, and now i have one thats totally fused. but hey, at least its still made in the usa! ps. it always puzzled why filenes charges the same for ltd and mainline hf, same thing for luciano barbera and luciano barbera club! inmo that store aint what it used to be anymore.
i just checked out a hickey freeman ltd blazer i recently purchased, at i think filenes basement, and i was surprised to notice that it was fully fused!! i always thought that HF ltd and stuff they make, like burberry were half canvassed. is this a new thing, or its been like this for a while? or is this a special super low quality run they make for discount stores, while some HF ltd is still half canvassed? i really dont get why reputable/quality companies do this.
i bought one about a year ago, the fabric and cut were ok and nice slim fit, however it was fully fused. i dont remember exactly, but qualitywise the original price was quite inflated. however since it fit and was on sale i bought it anyways. back in the day ck collection was made in italy, i was surprised mine was made in the czech republic. def not high quality like it used to be!
it has the same fit as a diff cn coat id had. and at $235 cant say i got ripped off either way. just didnt get quite the deal id thought.
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