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I think you mean a made to measure suit. You cannot get a bespoke suit for $500.
Slim fit will probably be smaller in the chest as well, and possible the shoulders depending on brand. Also, it's always best to get whatever is closest to the end result, as you want to minimise the amount of alteration necessary whenever possible.
Wool can be pretty airy if its light fabric or an open weave. Also, both the wool and and the silk will make the fabric wrinkle less than linen does. I would expect it to be for summer, or at least for the warmer months even if maybe not for the very hottest days.
It's just a panama. I don't see how we could possibly give an answer any more specific than that.
Nobody here dislikes 'high-end' brands. What we dislike are overpriced brands, with high-end prices and low-end quality
They don't have as many size increments as actual shoes do, but socks don't need quite so many increments. They have 5 different sizes which is as many as is really needed, and is much better than those who only do "S/M/L" or even worse "one size fits all".
Could be linen, hard to be sure.
Pretty much, yeah.5'6". Used to weight 120lb but currently closer to 140lb. When at 120lb my chest was like
Sleeves will always be too long, you're supposed to get them shortened. You do need the shoulders to fit right though. I have similar trouble finding coats that fit, my chest is about the same size as yours and it used to be smaller. You either need to hunt down size 34 (44EU) or go for MTM/bespoke. Most of my coats are MTM because it's virtually impossible to find RTW that fits. Exactly how wide are your shoulders? It should be possible to find size 36 with shoulders as...
Double the pit-2-pit to get the total chest size of the coat. This should be between 2-6" larger than your actual chest size. 2" being a very slim fit, 3-4" being a standard fit and 6" being a relaxed fit.Or just buy a size corresponding to your chest, i.e. if your chest is 36 inches you buy a size 36 (46EU). But sometimes you'll need to size up or down from this if the coat is cut particularly slim or large, which is why the pit-2-pit is a much more useful metric.Make...
New Posts  All Forums: