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If the wedding is during the day-time then a tux would be a bad option anyway. A 3-piece is certainly one possible alternative, or just a grey or navy suit. None of these options are 'non-traditional' though since they are arguably more traditional than the tuxedo, which has traditionally only been for evening wear and has only recently been co-opted for day-time weddings.
Yeah. Higher rise maybe but the jacket length is fine. It would be fine if it was 1/2" longer as well, but I wouldn't say the current length is wrong.
Yeah. Stop buying corrected grain shoes.
I dont think you understand what that word means.
If you live in the UK why are you buying from a dodgy Chinese site selling terrible knock-offs? I smell
I think you're the one missing his point, though I do kinda get where you're coming from. 'Slim fit' is a bit of a vague term and it can, as you say, just mean a suit that is cut closer to the body which is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. I think the term has been bastardised by a lot of cheap brands though into meaning those horrible fashion-forward suits where the jacket is 3" too short and there's so much pulling at the button your whole front is a massive X,...
Straight knit ties are always going to be thinner because they don't widen at the tip like normal ties. I think you can just safely assume that the rule doesn't apply to them, as long as you don't wear a narrow knit tie with massive 4+ inch lapels or something.
You don't want to be too matchy, the brown is perfectly good if he's wearing brown shoes/belt.
Autistic people have trouble reading body language so it certainly wouldn't be 90% body language for them...maybe if you inverted the numbers to 90% verbal...
Black is perfectly good with a blue suit. If we were talking about everyday wear then brown is certainly more versatile than black, but for an especially formal occasion like a wedding black would be the more correct choice, though brown may be fine too depending what everyone else is wearing.Also, are you an American? In my experience it only seems to be Americans who dislike black shoes with blue suits for some reason. It is a classic English business look so it seems...
New Posts  All Forums: