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What use is an elastic loop without a button-hole?
Yeah, size is fine but needs a dimple.
That's not his coat, he says his are double. Would need pics of his actual coat to see what he's actually describing.
It is possible to do it in a way that is invisible though, isn't it? If you don't pull it as tight then it doesn't make the obvious dips along the edge. And what about things like pocket-flaps? On most of my coats if you look at the rear-side of the flaps you can see there is prick-stitching around the edge, to stop it rolling, but that is not actually visible from the outside.
I stand corrected How do you keep the seam edge rolled to the inside without pick-stitching?
As far as I know, all non-fused coats have pick-stitching along the front edge, the only difference is whether it is done in a way that is visible or not. The pick-stitching is necessary to keep the edge from rolling and the seam slightly rolled to the inside so it's not visible. I won't get into my opinion on brocade vests, as I'm not sure everyone shares my hatred for them...
Those both look almost like relatively traditional styles except with kinda cheap looking antiquing and with a horribly tacky logo stamped into them. If you want something with a modern shape but that also looks expensive and high quality, why not try some from a real shoe maker like, for example, Gaziano & Girling:
If the wedding is during the day-time then a tux would be a bad option anyway. A 3-piece is certainly one possible alternative, or just a grey or navy suit. None of these options are 'non-traditional' though since they are arguably more traditional than the tuxedo, which has traditionally only been for evening wear and has only recently been co-opted for day-time weddings.
Yeah. Higher rise maybe but the jacket length is fine. It would be fine if it was 1/2" longer as well, but I wouldn't say the current length is wrong.
Yeah. Stop buying corrected grain shoes.
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