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Ask him to measure his feet so you can work out exactly which size he needs. Allen Edmonds make a lot of wide sizes, up to EEE according to their website, though I suspect they will probably not be wide enough.
You sound familiar. Which one of the previously banned trolls are you?
A slim suit does not need to be an ill-fitting suit. Whatever look he is going for I'm pretty sure 'badly fitting' was not it. Balence issues in particular, unlike extreme tightness which some people seem to desire, are not something that can be described as subjective. Nobody intentionally asks for a coat with balance issues because it's 'their style'. A coat with incorrect balance is simply wrong.You are right that online MTM will never be perfect, but there is no harm...
Saying 8 is not too many doesn't imply that I think 7 is not enough, just that I think 8 isn't too many. Learn logic plz.
They don't, unless you're some weirdo who thinks 8 is too many, then you can simply have a couple removed.
You're only about 2 years late in noticing this.
Agreed. It is possible but is certainly not something you should trust to anyone other than an actual tailor.
And what 'purpose' does a tie serve when worn with anything other than jeans?
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