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If I bought a wallet and it fell apart with less than 2 years, I can assure you I wouldn't be buying anything else from that company.
Eh? If it were currently a 3-button that would make sense. But if it's a 2-button to start with then it already rolls to the second button, there's nothing about the roll that needs to be changed. The only difference I could think of would be that normally there would be some reinforcement piece attached to the canvas where the button and button-hole are to be placed, to strengthen the area, but missing this shouldn't be too much of a problem if the button is not going to...
Black suit + black shirt is bad. Black shirt + white tie is terrible. The black 3-piece will probably be fine as long as it fits well, but buy a white shirt and a decent (non-white) tie.
Afaik they're a pretty small operation so I don't think so.I'd consider buying from them but it looks like all their ties are 3.5", I can't really wear anything wider than 3"...
Was going to suggest Lanvin, but they probably don't fall into the 'less expensive' category...
They also look like they might be corrected grain. If they weren't they would likely still crease in the same places, but the creases wouldn't look as bad since they wouldn't have that horrible plastic-like look to them.
Well, based on width only the first (wider) tie is clearly better, as it is closer in width to the lapels. (The second tie is better in pretty much every other category though)
Whatever you do, make sure the vest is a low-cut tuxedo vest and not the normal shape high-gorge vest like would be worn with a 3-piece suit. That style of vest should never be worn with a tuxedo.
Err, what? If it's a bespoke suit then of course the shoulders fit, a bespoke tailor isn't going to make the shoulders so narrow they don't fit, that would defeat the whole point of getting bespoke in the first place and would just damage their reputation. They may make them as narrow as possible for the client, with zero extension if the client requests that, but would not go any narrower than is possible without compromising the fit.
Ask him to measure his feet so you can work out exactly which size he needs. Allen Edmonds make a lot of wide sizes, up to EEE according to their website, though I suspect they will probably not be wide enough.
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