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Why on earth did you need to bump three different threads with this exact same post?!
I wouldn't personally wear sneakers with a suit, but there's something to be said for the idea of wearing converse or some crisp white sneakers if you're into that particular look. But those sneakers? Dear god...
*Not* the pin-stripe. Pin-stripes are for business, not weddings. Either of the grey suits will be perfectly fine. Not crazy about the idea of a pink paisly tie though.
Well, since it's impossible to really alter the collar, or to let out a shirt, the only real option (other than going for a different brand) would be to buy the 14.5 traditional fit then have it altered to make it less baggy.
Assisting someone to find such a pair of shoes would be bordering on unethical. Like seeing someone have a horrible accident and just walking away instead of calling for help.
Which would that be? Fresco and hopsack both seem to have been mentioned.
Pet peeve of mine: this annoying recent trend of people saying 'suiting' when they mean 'suits'. Suiting is the fabric that suits are made from, these words are not interchangable...
+1. I was going to suggest almost exactly the same, except with FU trousers (e.g. bright orange) rather than grey
You won't find it on their website, the 'Lauren' brand is not even owned by Ralph Lauren, it is licensed by Peerless, the same people who make low-end fashion brands like Michael Kors, Joseph Abboud and, here's the kicker, Donald J. Trump Signature Collection
There's also usually a piece of linen or silesia used to reinforce the button areas, and its possible he might be using a piece of fusible here rather than sewing it to the canvas. Tbh there's very little wrong with using fusible in a few select places, such as here and behind pocket openings, as long as the main structure of the coat is floating canvas.
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