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I believe the facings would usually be cut along the length of the fabric, so I'd probably buy about 1m to be sure. I can't imagine any reason you'd need more than 1m to cut just the facings.
Da fuq?
How do you know he's not interviewing for a position presenting the Douchebag Of The Year awards?
Kill the black shirt.
This sort of buckle is never okay.
2% cashmere... sounds like they just put it in so they can say "& cashmere" on the label... is 2% really going to make any noticable difference?
There's no possible way of knowing without seeing/feeling the fabric...
I believe you're thinking of JefferyD's blog (yes, the same JefferyD who posted earlier in this thread).
If you ever needed a good reason to not listen to women's advice regarding men's shoes....
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