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Your measurements are actually pretty similar to mine, small but mostly not disproportionate, though the shoulder measurement seems quite large, mine are only like 16.5". That may just be because of a measuring error though, it can be tricky to know where to measure to. I get all my shirts made to measure, there are no RTW shirts that fit me properly.
Though of course if you can see the stitches on the under-side of the lapel...
There's not many colours you can't wear with white and navy.
They're not attention-getting, they're just brown shoes...
I can certainly imagine this happening, I had kinda the opposite, after I started working out some of my shirt sleeves seemed to become shorter. Not sure of the exact reason but it's probably just to do with more/less mass across the upper back or across the shoulders. I doubt there's much you can do to avoid this happening, other than maybe getting your cuffs narrower so they stop at the base of your hand regardless of length.
Not even remotely suitable.
Those shoes are not very nice, and slip-ons are not really suitable with a suit.Nonsense. We're talking about a light grey suit in summer, not CBD for an interview. The colour of the shoes in the original post is perfectly fine and they're not "shiny" they're just well polished. As mentioned, oxfords might be better than derbys, but that's the only issue I have with them.
But those are people who themselves don't know wtf they're doing, so their opinions don't count.
You should start hanging with a better class of people.
They are not in any way square-toed. I'd be hard pressed to find a shoe that was any *less* square-toed without going too far in the opposite direction and becoming too pointy.
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