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Can't say I like the entire look much either, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's wearing a belt.
Look at this poor plebeian who apparently couldn't afford to get his clothes tailor made:
Meant 'first language', obviously. Everyone makes mistakes when typing. Not everyone makes an entire thread on Styleforum to complain about shit that they've read wrong.
I can't imagine most average flat leather belts being thick enough to be 'bulky'. After a certain point, thinner leather tends to just mean cheap and flimsy. The usual recommendation for belts is somewhere like, is this normal thickness what you're looking for, or are you looking for something significantly thinner than that?
I don't see what could possibly be concerning you about this?
Are all your clothes made from silk or something? Any shirt made from cotton should be able to take plenty of heat to create steam.
Lol what? The letter saying "I acknowledge receipt" is the acknowledgement...of receipt... I think you need to learn to read tbh. Is English not your first English? If not you can be excused, otherwise you're a moron.
You should wear those pink trousers, and the ascot... ...and nothing else.
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