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Double the pit-2-pit to get the total chest size of the coat. This should be between 2-6" larger than your actual chest size. 2" being a very slim fit, 3-4" being a standard fit and 6" being a relaxed fit.Or just buy a size corresponding to your chest, i.e. if your chest is 36 inches you buy a size 36 (46EU). But sometimes you'll need to size up or down from this if the coat is cut particularly slim or large, which is why the pit-2-pit is a much more useful metric.Make...
Why not? Unless they were reduced and specifically marked as damaged they can't just unknowingly sell you soiled goods then refuse to take them back. The trousers are damaged, surely they have to take them back? Do you not have any consumer protection laws in the US?Imagine if a company sold you a TV that turned out to be broken and non-working, then refused to allow you to return it. That would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?
And who decides what it's worth? If people are willing to pay that much, then surely it is worth that much to someone. Why would they not sell it for as much as they can get? They are a business after all. And wtf is "supposed to be sold for" even meant to mean? Why would anything be 'supposed' to be sold for any amount? Are you implying there is some deity looking down on Mr Porter and frowning because they're not doing things how they're "supposed" to?
Depends how much spare fabric is there. The fact that there are cuffs means there's more fabric than if there wasn't, providing that you don't mind losing the cuffs, although as much as 3" might not be possible even then, that's quite a lot. I wouldn't count on there being enough to let them out that much unless the seller specifically confirms that there is.
Howard Yount? I think they're about the same price-point as Epaulet.
No pith helmet recommendations? Styleforum, you disappoint me.
A sportcoat still goes around your waist. A higher drop sportcoat may have more waist suppression.
Wait, what?
Well, the style and cut are maybe a bit dated, but I would say the fit is certainly acceptable. Though it's hard to see the hip flare you mention since your arms are in the way.
+1. Especially on cheap Cole Haans.
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