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Howard Yount? I think they're about the same price-point as Epaulet.
No pith helmet recommendations? Styleforum, you disappoint me.
A sportcoat still goes around your waist. A higher drop sportcoat may have more waist suppression.
Wait, what?
Well, the style and cut are maybe a bit dated, but I would say the fit is certainly acceptable. Though it's hard to see the hip flare you mention since your arms are in the way.
+1. Especially on cheap Cole Haans.
Aren't those ones only 'loose at the top' because the person wearing them hasn't bothered to actually lace them up?
Yeah, the sleeves are still like a full inch too long. As Despos said, he should just buy the next size down as the whole suit is too big to alter appropriately.
I'm sure the Queen didn't personally write the script... she would've said whatever they told her to say, and since Daniel Craig was in character it should've been written as if he was actually Bond, in which case the Queen should probably have been referring to him as Commander...You're right about the DJ though, although it was filmed in the day-time it was aired as though it was taking place live at the time of the ceremony, which was in the evening.
Most of them are hideous, but it looks like there's a few good ones in there.
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