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If it's a formal ball then you should probably be wearing black shoes...
Looks like a raincoat or short trench, I can't find one exactly the same but London Fog and Burberry do similar things. Edit: Some Googling suggests that particular coat is Brunello Cucinelli, probably something like this but in a different colour. Another edit: I just noticed that Epaulet do something very similar.
I don't see why you would need a small iron, you just use the tip of a normal iron, that's the reason they tend to come to a point at the front. Most tailors seem to have no trouble pressing everywhere with a normal size iron.
So you have 9 pairs of shoes, yet you wear them every other day? Are you saying you wear 4.5 different pairs every day? Do you have 9 feet?
Bear in mine he's 5'7" and 120lb; I doubt many RTW suits would be too short or too tight when actually worn by him...
Unfinished sleeves, unlike unfinished trousers, are not left with a raw end that needs turning up, they just don't have the buttons and buttonholes sewn on. If you wanted you could just leave it at 26.25" and have them sewn on; there should be no problem shortening to 26" first.
That was my first thought, but then looking at the full-size image it doesn't look like Brooks Brothers.Then again, it's just a plain blue shirt; why does the brand even matter? Other than the conspicuous logo, which you shouldn't have on your shirts anyway, you can buy a plain blue shirt like this literally anywhere.
What on earth is happening to this forum? Pin-dot socks are a classic formal choice and not the least bit foppish. As has been mentioned, you should probably be wearing black shoes to a wedding though.
The second one is too short, and I don't like the closed quarters. The first one looks nice though.
No, but I've ordered stuff from them through email before.
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