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thank you, but still no joy. I'm putting this into the, "Too hard" column. Best
I did try searches similar to the one you suggest, but there's no joy in Googleville. I guess I'll have to abandon the dream and continue to live an unfulfilled life. Thanks for the assist.
Thank you for the reply. You wouldn't happen to know where I can lay my hands on a large one of these, would you? Best
I would really like to buy this jacket, but I'm having no joy tracking down the original manufacturer or retailer. Any ideas?
I saw this posted on Tumblr, and really like the look. It would be very different style to my usually more-staid look, but I'd like to give it a shot. Can anyone identify the brands/items worn?
Could you please verify the shoulder measurement?
Thank you. It will be a little too tight for me. A nice shirt, though.
Can you please provide shoulder and sleeve measurements? Thanks,
PM sent
Now $300 including insured shipment (CONUS)
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