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I wonder how many days did they spend shooting the whole video.
sucker punch remind me of sky captain of america movie from the trailer.
Quote: Originally Posted by insideman Theyre on sale because they absorbed the inventory of Martin and Osa. I dont think it's a cheaper version. If you want something a little different, these are definitely a great buy. I get compliments from both fashion-forward people and average joes all the time. You must have slim foots to fit into those J shoes DB.
if you have wide feets, than I would stay away from J shoes DB.
I had a pair of J shoes DB, and they're the most freaking uncomfortble shoes I worn in my life. the J DB are so slim, and it hurt my feets, I can only wear the j shoes for like 5 mins max before I have to stop wearing them. I rather spend the extra money and get the clark DB since they're not as slim at the J shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chie Thanks. Is desert boots a specific model (from Clarks) or it's a style of boots? I googled and it seems to me that desert boots is a style of boots, is that right? Clark desert boots are indeed made in vietnam, since you're in vietnam, I don't think you can buy the desert boots in vietnam, unless you know some insider in the factory where those are made. btw, how is vietnam fashion? What is the fashion trend...
Ip man 1 and Ip man 2.
When are they be airing Ktown cowboys?
how about a wfe beater, a pair of short, and a pair of rainbow flip flops?
how about blue polo with the slim-fitted khakis with white sneakers?
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