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Jason? Welcome back man! Missed those days when you were at Unionmade.
@donL - Also slubby denim a plus+
Scrubbed the "bloom" and ready to go... TGIF!
I found little opportunity to wear these Unionmade Laguna Chukka (Trubalance, Bison leather) when they looked like these After a fine resoling job by Pioneer Renewer SF, the look offers more flexibility and I've worn them more. Plus the added comfort of the TB last on a 6 eyelet platform.
Thanks Buckeye!
Congrats on the inbound Ravello NST. I definitely miss the pair I sold. Gentlemen, Late last year I applied some saphir renovateur on cordovan shoes and stored them away. A few days ago I opened up some alden boxes and noticed a waxy deposit especially around the stitching area on several pairs. Has anyone observed this before? What would be the best way to clean them up again? Thanks in advance. On another note... very excited to get this pre-order
This is looking tasty... Ironside Indy Chamois (Epaulet)
Leathersoul Jumper Boots Resoled by Pioneer Renewer (SF).
Thanks! No shell, these are just calfYup, Unionmade about 2 years ago.
Some 2 tone action
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