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Yes, they're from Shoe mart from about 5 years ago on Aberdeen. I haven't seen SM re-stock since then.
Alden Chukkas are pretty cool... I like 'em. 6 eyelet #8, 6 eyelet cigar, snuff, black suede, alpine grain, Monk
These chukkas are fairly common (model 1492 to 1494, depending on the color suede). You can view them from Shoemart: http://search.theshoemart.com/search?keywords=flex+welt+suede&btnSearch=GO Perfect for the tropics. However, I'm not sure if Shoemart ships Alden internationally.
my most over used Alden... suede chukka for ultimate comfort.
Bryan - upping the Manila Alden game...
Beautiful pictureRight now, those Church Hill Indys vs Winn Perry Cap toe are battling in my head...
Aberdeen is really tricky. If you're wide and high arched (like me), it's going to be difficult to fit. I'm a 9D Barrie,TruB and I've purchased Aberdeens in 9E and most recently 9.5D and they both feel tight around the in-step area. I usually wear the aberdeen last when I don't need to walk a lot and that's a shame given that you've spent $680+ on them shoes. mdubs... I share that sentiment about self control. Although, the other day I was thinking... If I knew the...
Monk strap chukka from TSM, aberdeen.
Six Eyelet Chukka Used to be blue suede and I had it dyed black Just picked these up from SM so hopefully they fit.
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