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After some thorough browsing, I can totally relate. What is up with all these RTW offerings of notch lapels? Some just look like a black suit. I might as well be serving food to my guests if I'm wearing a black suit and bow tie.Anyway, I think it is a good idea just to invest instead doing any sort of rental. My worries are more that I have to settle with black instead of the midnight blue which it's getting more and more apparent that if I got RTW, I'll need to.Thanks for...
Apologies for the confusion. Wedding is in September 2013. So I definitely have some time. Unfortunately, I'm just coming off emergency surgery so it's looking like I won't have an opportunity to visit a tailor until I recover which will probably be in October or November. Thought I'd start my planning early so when I recover I'll know exactly what I would like to do.I would tend to agree with this in regards to risk of going to Kent Wang. My trepidation to going out of...
I would agree with you that no vents would be the way to go. I was considering a cummerbund instead of a waistcoat but I will definitely consider it. Thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for the reply. I can certainly reallocate the budget elsewhere (much to my fiancée's delight) but I would like to be in a position to at least see some viable options. We've set a budget that is actually quite reasonable and we're not in bad shape at all. Sure, if it comes down to the need to cost-cut then I'm sure we can re-evaluate the need for the tux. Still, my job (and age, for that matter) will probably have more than its fair share of formal events that I...
I have a wedding next September and I've been looking to acquire a midnight blue tuxedo for the occasion. I am going back and forth on how to proceed. - MTM vs OTR (not sure if my budget allows for Bespoke -- also not sure if I really want my first Bespoke piece to be a tux) - Stay with vendors in Toronto or go out of town (risking travel issues but expanding vendor list) I have considered a few vendors already: • Garrison • Trend • Gotstyle • Harry Rosen •...
[quote=cptjeff;4155826]Are we talking forest green, lime green, or something like an olive? we're talking more of a lime green - bright and splashy for the summer. cheers mate.
Just bought a pair of green coloured chinos. 3 ways of wearing it?
In. Spent more than enough this holiday season. See you in March, you retailing bastards.
never mind. free bump!
payment sent on Brooks Brother Herringbone Jacket.
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