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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Mt. View. You? Moved here recently from the east. In Foster City currently. Mt View is nice!
I have one of these and they are great! Where at in the bay area Mr Moo?
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I did it for 6 years (up until this year) and I didn't find that at all. I think it really depends on the company. Fair enough. I am sure some people like being a pharma sales rep. Not my cup of tea though. You just have to browse cafepharma for 15 mins to get a feel for what the majority of folks feel about their profession.
Quote: Originally Posted by oman yeah because the business world is a pure meritocracy with strict emphasis on having great morals When did I make that claim? As someone who has spent 10+ years in the pharma / biotech industry, I think I know a bit about what being a pharma sales rep entails. Do you have a differing opinion?
DO NOT get into Pharma Sales. Its nothing better than being a car salesman. Maybe even worse. Physicians treat sales reps like dirt. Morality is extremely low among reps and merit means nothing. I would suggest that you work 2, 3 years in the lab as a researcher. Then apply for an MBA and transition into a business job.
Damn. Even accidents don't happen with me.
Quote: Originally Posted by prajna12 RLX Sold, Navy Pullovers now just $35 Shipped! Any chance of getting the navy pullover in M (wishful thinking)?
WTF man. I am jealous of Bella.
Dayyum. No M.
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