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Sucks buddy. Would have gone for the whitey.
The BB mentioned Black and Blue as the colors though I see a white also there. What gives? Are there 3 or 4 of them?
I received the Giorgio Armani shirt I purchased from EvanH today. The shirt is in great condition just as described as the seller. The shipping was superfast too.
I recently purchased a NWT shirt from beverlyhillsbazar. I was a bit concerned after I read some of the post on this thread, but got a pleasant surprise when I received the shirt. It was in perfect condition, exactly as described. Seems like it is a bit of hit and miss with the seller? I would be inclined to purchase again from the seller based on my current experience.
Bump for a seller who has been great in communicating with! And some pretty good prices too.
PM sent. Thanks!
Sam, sending PM on a couple of itmes now.
Newly registered on the forum. Need to have 2 posts before I can send PMs.
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