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As a neutral its sad to see Brazil loose this way after they have entertained us with amazing football over the years. Having said that, they just were not good enough this time round. They could very well have lost against Croatia, Chile, Colombia. Hopefully this awakens a sleeping giant and we see another great Briazilian team soon.
Its a not. not a knot.
Not a thrift find but my local useless Marshalls had a really nice RLBL 44R jacket at a great price. I have it listed it in B&S if anyone here is interested!
Final drop to $130 + Shipping. 90% off retail!
$100 + shipping.
$170 + Shipping
40 bux.
Big drop. Now just $200 + Shipping.
Dark blue, lightweight, dressy Borrelli NWT pant. 100% Cotton. Flat Front. Tagged EU50. Measurements: Waist: 34 inches Rise: 10: inches Inseam: Unhemmed Leg Opening: 8.25 inches Shipping additional.
Its a matter of personal preference. I'd like my sweaters to fit like Acecow's jacket but would prefer my SCs to not contour my body as much. But if he is comfortable in it then he should certainly wear it with confidence.
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