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Who doesn't like women's booties?
My must haves are any shade of beige/brown suede chelsea and black leather harness. Anything else is a bonus.I live somewhere where snow falls once a year, so no need to have heavy boots for me.
No more until the next designer? Will the permanent collection still be around next season?
When is men's ss17 shown? The show on 9/26 seems to only have female stuff.
What are some SF-appeoves shoe trees for wyatts?
I'm looking for a thick white t shirt, appropriate for a very casual work environment. Not too thin. Cheaper = better. Recommendations?
Thanks GG. Can anyone comment on non raws? I was hoping to get a pair of two of the faded ones.
No word on the jean shrinkage factor after washes? Nobody here washes their slp jeans?
What do yall use to protect the suede on your slp boots? Also, how much do the non-raw denim change in size after the first few washes?
Anthony Vaccarello "people liked it when Hedi put those strappy ringy buckles on shoes, so I will put them on everything".
New Posts  All Forums: