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Selling my SS14 TF jacket. It is 36 fit C, so comparable to 36S. Sleeves have been shortened by approx 0.25 inches at the cuff, but button holes are still functional. Shortening is reversible. The jacket is in very good condition, as you would expect from any OCD SF folks. measurement in inches pit seam to pit seam: 16.5 pit to pit: 19 top of collar to bottom: 28.5 sleeve straight length (from top of shoulder to cuffs): 23.5
Ahh... can't comment on sizing, as SLP clothing never passed my touch test (thought the Teddy felt like a potato sack).
Better. I don't particularly think the quality of slp clothing (besides shoes) is that good, and it's even worse if you consider its price. TF is a bit over priced too but at least you get the highest of quality. Look at Alfred Dunhill as an alternative as the two source their materials and get their things made in the same shop supposedly. I have an AD suede jacket and it feels just as soft as TF's suedes.
Why do yall like the teddy jackets? They just feel so unrefined to the touch.
Those lines are beautiful!
slp gang anyone know when the online sale happens?
Dude's henley is way too tight.
Don't like the collars or the burgundy. Especially don't like the collars. I like something with a short throat latch.
Would love a plain red jacket like this...
Hands down, the softest suede I've touched. Gets dirty like no one's business.
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