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Anyone know of where I could get a simple red leather jacket?
bump, still looking!
Bump, help much appreciated!
I mean lower, closer to the belly button. I'm looking for something with a big shawl lapel/collar that ends low. Or just lapels/collars that never end and extend to the bottom of the cardigan.
Hi all, does anyone know of any cardigans with tux-like lapels, or shawl collars that ends near the torso?
One more vote for Magnanni.
What are you holding?
Hi all, I have been looking the longest time for a traditional navy blazer with gold/gold-colored buttons. Most of my suits are made to measure. In terms of off-the-rack stuff, Suitsupply and Tom Fords are nearly perfect fits at the shoulder, chest, torso, and waist. I don't want anything too flashy or too expensive, it will only be used for one event. Recommendations welcome, thank you in advance!
I can vouch for the face wash. I started using it as a stable, in place of the Cetaphil soapless face wash I was using before. I know that the bar wasn't high, but the TF face was is awesome. I am using that and Kiehl's exfoliating scrub every other day at night.
Does anyone know if there are any look alikes to this coat? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/outerwear/taupe-casentino-wool-single-breasted-coat-lbm1911-2217.html
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