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I was hoping the paint is dyed on the leather. Hopefully the paint doesn't fall off too quickly or else my bedroom walls are going to see some new colors.
How do MMM splatter sneakers hold up against rain, or other weather anomalies?
Hi all, I am selling my TF 36R navy suit jacket. It is a dark dark navy. I have lost a bit of weight in the last year or two and now the Base A is too loose for my liking. This jacket comes from a smoker-free, pet-free, and children-free home. Now onto the details. Pit to pit: 17in Pit to pit from seams: 19.5in Pit to cuff: 17in Shoulder to cuff: 24.5in Shoulder to shoulder on back: 17.5in Collar to bottom: 29.5in 100% cotton The buttons are NOT functional. But they can...
Anyone know of where I could get a simple red leather jacket?
bump, still looking!
Bump, help much appreciated!
I mean lower, closer to the belly button. I'm looking for something with a big shawl lapel/collar that ends low. Or just lapels/collars that never end and extend to the bottom of the cardigan.
Hi all, does anyone know of any cardigans with tux-like lapels, or shawl collars that ends near the torso?
One more vote for Magnanni.
What are you holding?
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