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11 days ago I put in an order for two t shirts from Buck Mason for my dad. 7 days ago I received a tracking number that said shipping label created, and the tracking has not updated yet. 3 days ago I emailed customer service asking why does it take 7 days to ship some t shirts, and 2 days ago I got an answer saying that one of the shirts were on backorder (was not marked on the website) but the package would be shipped yesterday afternoon. Today, the tracking number still...
Nope, but I have plaid jeans in shades of dark blue. Good call! I don't have non-leather sole dress shoes either... Must find some soft rubber sole loafers now.
But what if it's a light-colored linen suit? Not that I have one.
These should be banished from the earth.
I am in the same boat as you, as I'm also going to a summer wedding, except it's in New England. I think a white oxford will be a good go to, but maybe not with a three piece. I'm wearing it with white jeans and a navy jacket. Check the what are you wearing now for images.
New England summer beach/yacht wedding - do I need to wear a suit or is this okay? The jacket is usually not this snug... I just had a big dinner Brands and stuff: [[SPOILER]]
Doesn't poplin show sweat stains easily?
I recently just picked up two ATM slub tees, one in white, one in black, to be worn in hotter summer weather. They are very, very light and airy. The material is so light that only gentle hand washing is recommended. Does anyone else here wear ATM tees? What are your thoughts?
If one were to only want to spend Nautica money, but not get the brand - what would yall recommend?
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