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Thanks GG. Can anyone comment on non raws? I was hoping to get a pair of two of the faded ones.
No word on the jean shrinkage factor after washes? Nobody here washes their slp jeans?
What do yall use to protect the suede on your slp boots? Also, how much do the non-raw denim change in size after the first few washes?
Anthony Vaccarello "people liked it when Hedi put those strappy ringy buckles on shoes, so I will put them on everything".
How much do SL jeans shrink after the first few washes?
Is there something that will do this, this easily, for leather?
Are the tobacco suede chelseas back for SS17? Also, can anyone comment on SL's raw denim fit after a few washes?
oh they are camo alright, you're questioning your eyes because they are so well camouflaged.
What's up with those shoulders? I know they're roped shoulders but that's a big bump.
New Posts  All Forums: