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oh they are camo alright, you're questioning your eyes because they are so well camouflaged.
What's up with those shoulders? I know they're roped shoulders but that's a big bump.
For sale is a Suitsupply Copenhagen blue jacket from the Spring Summer 2015 collection. It is half-lined. It is stretchy, light, and airy, as I show in the photo holding it up to the window. MSRP $349. The sleeves have been shortened at the cuff, not at the shoulder, and is reversible. All cuff buttons are fully functional. All tags have been professionally removed. The fabric is from Cotton by Tessilgrosso (Italian). All tags have been professionally removed. Please...
Up for grabs is a used heathered gray Washington cut half lined suit from Suitsupply autumn/winter 2015 collection. MSRP $569 when new. Fabric: Pure Wool S130's by Carlo Barbera (Italian) Pants have been hemmed. Inseam: 29 in Rise: 10 in Sleeves have been shortened (at the cuff, not shoulder) but is reversible. All five buttons are fully functional. Suitsupply and fabric name tags have been professionally removed. Please contact me with any questions or...
That's what she said.
Those don't look as "fitted"? as the YSL ones... I don't know if fitted is the right word, but the ankle part of the Wyatt looks skinnier. The heel is higher too.
Ahh, the harness boot. I was looking for the chelsea boot, should have specified.
Hi all, can anyone recommend any alternatives to Saint Laurent's Wyatt (30 or 40) boots? Saint Laurent's price is a bit hard to swallow...
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