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Aigle Parcours Men's rain boots Made in France Size 45 Euro/11.5 US/11 UK. Only worn a few times, not quite the right size for me. Shipping through DPO/AP armed forces mail. Will take a couple of weeks to arrive. $80 $70 including shipping. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information or pictures. Best, Steve
Hi everyone, I've got one Brooks Brothers non-iron shirt remaining for sale. 1. 15x32 Slim Fit White French Cuff I've attached a photo of it and a close up of the collar. I've only worn it a few times and it is in excellent condition. $40 Shipped CONUS. PM me here or email me: if you're interested! Thanks for looking!
University of California, Berkeley (Political Science & History) '07 Tulane Law School (JD) '12
Update: All shirts sold. Thanks for the prompt payment and the bumps, guys! I've got three Brooks Brothers Slim Fit non-iron dress shirts for sale. Each of them is $40 shipped CONUS. I'll ship overseas, but I'd need to figure out what shipping would be. All are barrel (button) cuff. White, Slim Fit, button down collar, 15.5 x 33 Sold! Light Blue, Slim Fit, button down collar, 15.5 x 33 Sold! Light Blue, Slim Fit, Ainsley semi-spread collar, 15.5 x 32 Sold! Feel...
Definitely post some pics. I'm very interested in these.
Might be interested. Can you post pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by easy_golfing do the milano pants fit TTS or do you size up 1 size? (ie 33 to 34) They are true to size for me.
There's no comparison between Brooks Brothers and Men's Wearhouse. Get the two Brooks suits on sale, one in navy and one in charcoal, and you'll be set for your summer internship and have the foundation for a solid business wardrobe.
I was actually at BB today picking up a few shirts and tried on the Fitzgerald (I'm looking to buy it in June during the big 40% off sale). I'm also 5'9" and the Fitzgerald 38R was the better fit for me. I found the sleeves on the 38S to be correct, but the skirt (the bottom part of the jacket) to be way too short for the kind of conservative suit that I was looking for. It looked a little too edgy. I'm going to get the 38R and just have them shorten the sleeves.
Quote: Originally Posted by truth11 Hi everyone I am currently looking to buy a first suit and have been researching a lot of different companies. I have narrowed it down to either the J crew ludlow series (probably in worsted wool) or a thick as thieves mtm suit. My question is if anyone has any information regarding the quality, fit etc. of these two different suits and which would probably be the better buy. Thank you. Thick as Thieves....
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