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I'd also be interested in a smaller size.
Looking to see if anyone has an MW-Traveler Classic Briefcase they want to sell. I would also be interested in a Filson Leather Field Satchel. Thanks.
I think Tom at Leather Soul said that they would be restocking these soon.
If those were my size, I'd take them in a second.
That soundtrack was insane. Perfect blend of 90s alternative/metal and hip hop.
Yes, the seller contacted me about sending him a message in a few days. Perhaps he's out of town for Christmas.
I'm interested in a 9D or 8.5D in black. PM sent. I live in Manhattan too so maybe I can come by after the Christmas weekend. Edit: Actually I think I'm definitely a size 8.5D
Hello, Can someone tell me other designer brands similar in style and quality to Paul Stuart? I like their clothes very much but was curious if there was something on a lower price point. In general I am looking for American and British style clothes with a little more flair than Brooks Brothers or J.Press. I'm curious to know what other brands I should be aware of. Thanks.
If you get a Duffle coat, try finding an original Gloverall duffle.
The Grand Seiko's have replaced my Omega's and Rolex's.
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