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I actually really like the AA jersey polo. It's cut slim and I like the shape of the collar, there's more structure to it than some other collars.
On a serious note, I think the middle finger is commonly used for pointing in China. Have fun with that!
Have you tried wiping your computer clean and installing windows from scratch? You may find this alone giving you enough of a speed boost that you won't need to buy a new computer. Or maybe I am being too naive in thinking a 5-year old computer should be able to handle the tasks you need it to. I admit I'm not up to date anymore with technology on the PC side, and I'm still running on a pre-Intel mac.
Quote: Originally Posted by computerpro3 Ideally you'd do it just before the oil starts smoking. You can tell when it's at proper temperature because it will start striating. Once the oil starts smoking it is breaking down and the taste changes. This is the part that takes practice, being able to tell when the oil has reached temp. Obviously you don't want to burn your oil, but you don't want to crack your eggs in too early either.
Eight O'Clock brand coffee is a good value in terms of flavour, comes in a 1 kg whole-bean bag for about $12 CDN. There are a couple of varieties, you'll probably find one that you like. I think it's an A&P brand so you'll find it in their supermarkets. I like coffee though so I also don't mind spending $15-$20 per lb to try out different varieties, especially because in this price range you'll find more coffee from co-ops or fair trade brands that divert more of the money...
Teflon nonstick is definitely the worst simply because it doesn't last. I say just do away with nonstick and learn to properly fry an egg in a metal pan. Here's how! 1. Heat your pan 2. Once hot, add butter or butter/oil. For some reason oil alone doesn't work as well. Adding your butter/oil to a hot pan means it will spread more easily so you can use less to coat your pan. 3. Wait for the butter to start browning. If you are just using oil, wait for it to start smoking....
Your local library may have a mixture of new and old tv series on dvd, you might see something interesting if you go in and browse. Also, are you a fan of animation? The original 5 season run of Futurama was excellent. I loved all the characters and the humour is really smart. It's also incredibly quotable, there's a thread here somewhere about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiskeybeard Does that include 'Eagle of Independence by Mr. Olive' accessories/footwear? I believe that's what EOI refers to, so no.
More of a jean cut, but APC has their petite standard in this color.
Lots of price drops. Remember, offers are welcome, if you see something you like, let me know! Discounts if you buy more!
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