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Well... I wished to imply that +J seems do not have knee length coat. I'm thinking about buying this cheap thrift coat and cutting the lapel. (Left side of photo to right side of photo.) What do you people think about this? It would be horrible one? Or it could be mediocre one that a sensible man would think about wearing? P.S It's a sad thing that +J do not have any topcoat.
+J goods has been listed on the Uniqlo explorer. I can't find white +J shirt though.
If I wear UK 10 on Converse high top, what size of general English oxford shoes should I wear?
One should not trust tailors on this matter in Asia, of course.
My Engel coefficient is 80% though I am 6ft 130lb. How can I buy things if I do not have money for a lunch?
Levis new 501 is not slim enough, but Japanese Levi's limited 501(08501-0125) is slim enough to please me. The cons are it seems somewhat lightweight, it comes 32 inseam, I can't find an oversea retailer here.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern sorry to rez this thread, but I've seen some "NWT" STF on ebay where the "STF" tag on the pocket it there, but he patch just reads "501" rather than "501xx". What gives? I think 501 STF means common Levis 501 that made from Mexico and sold in Macy's.
I think a picture with jeans are better than other two pictures. Check the Levi's inseam with your measuring tape would be helpful finding your inseam. If you don't have the measuring tape, I suggest you would buy one.
It is a shame that I didn't notice that until I read this thread. Maybe I should watch some advertisements on Korean television and contribute again on this thread, later.
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