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I like SGP modello series case for my 4S.
Wool 70% Nylon 30% herringbone pattern.
No, what I saw had adjustable wrist buckles.
I found 'Kevin Mac Trench', which is a singlebreasted mac on navy and camel colour, on a Korean Club monaco store but cannot find it on US web store. Does American or Canadian stores have it too?
What do you think about uniqlo merino turtleneck? And how much durability last winter's merino sweaters had? I think uniqlo lambswool v neck sweater is more of U-neck sweater instead of clean V shape. I like the fit of 'comfort jackets' despite it had 85% wool and 15% synthetic fibres.
It is not a department-store brand in Korea. Generally these clothes in Korea is called '보세 옷'(bo-se clothings) which are only sold on internet stores. Qualities are regarded as inexpensive, weird fits and generally falling apart quite fast.
Does Clarks Desert Boots has same sizing for Britain and US? Normally leather shoes have sizing such as UK9/US9.5 but it seems Clarks do not have that kind of sizing system. Could anyone confirm if Clarks have international sizing instead of two localized sizings?
Thanks for the reply, CityConnection!
Bought 2 Matsuda NOS and 1 Sting, 1 Emporio Armani cheap on closing brick-and-mortar shop. I assume Sting and Armani are not that high quality designer goods and Matsuda would be durable... Though Matsudas look plain worse to my older inexpensive 20$ Korean spectacles on my face... What should I do?
Should I expect similar, slim fitting shoulder to shoulder size to Zara/Club Monaco when I wear Rugby? I do not certain whether I can wear Rugby 38R coat or not. (I can wear Club Monaco M/Zara M chesterfield coat) We do not have Rugby store here so buying from ebay is hit or miss... ;_;
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