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Alexandre Plokhov stuff has been available since midnight on Japanese/Korean Uniqlo webstore. In Korea nearly everything sold out fast.
You are correct about the chest size, but the sleeves are different. Asia L sweater has shorter sleeve by 3cm than US M sweater, for instance.
I do not think that kind of coat exists... Buy milspec polyester/cotton blend m-65 if you really like super durable ubiquitous 4 season jacket.
What about club monaco?Say no to black jeans. Find the dark indigo one, and I think this pair of jeans would be too slim for blazers and jackets.For guide for casuals... watch good movies , find who wears cool clothes, and try it or research about it.
It is from 'non-brand marketplace tier' Korean style and made in China, which puts them below Uniqlo tier and I expect h&m durability. If you want weird clothes that can be desposed on your whim then okay, but do not expect something stylish or hot trend.
Its collar stays in shape better than 100% cotton one, I think.
Thank you for asking this. To clarify, I recommend merino or lambswool sweaters except half-zip or V-neck(that is, turtleneck crewneck and cardigans). V-neck do not give clean V shape, becoming U-neck. I didn't have Uniqlo half-zip but I suspect, after washing, uneven shrinkage of the wool would make the line of the zipper not straight.
I recommend Tasmanian wool pants (100% wool), some of 100% wool sweaters, and Uniqlo MIJ jeans. Comfort jackets look nice but I cannot vouch for its durability since it is this season's item, not a steady seller like those three.MIJ jeans are Japanese 15oz denim that is quite thick, and not for summer. Too bad it is low rise for me.Who bought navy lambswool sweater reported his sweater's wool fibers made his shirt messy, so care. He thought other colors such as green did...
Levis has a brand each to the continents and US Levis are different to EU Levis or Asia Levis. EU and Japanese Levis are better quality than US Levis. US Levis looks cheap with Made in Mexico tags and sells for 35$.
Here is a thread of your interest.
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