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hello guys, I have a 50 mm frame and i think it's slightly too big. will changing to 48 mm, same model, make a noticeable difference?
Hello there, I asked this in the question thread but unfortunately didn't get any response, so I hope it's OK to create this thread. Can someone please recommend me pants with roomy thighs/rise (not drop crotch) and tapered ankle? I'm digging a looser style now but since I'm skinny, somehow wide leg openings never look good on my tiny ankle, so I'm looking for a more tapered cut like my favorite pants, peir wu x...
Hello, does anyone have any Comment Regarding The Willy Post Pant 13oz Wool From Fw 15?
Hello, does anybody know any pants with a cut similar to pier wu x snowman? Ie high rise, loose thighs with tapered ankles (7"). Thank you.
anyone has to size down 2 in CP's? I'm a true 44 and have 2 pairs of CP sized 43 with quite a bit of wiggle space. I think 42 would fit me more.
Is it a good look to wear cropped casual pants with low socks and sneakers? I almost always see people wearing them sockless. And is it a faux-pas to wear cropped pants at night?
dario argento called, he wants you in his movie
I suppose the cut is not tapered at all?
I saw a listing of richard pants from f/w 2011, and the inseam is listed as 32.5". since I'm not tall, I wanna know if you can roll these up? or can they be hemmed? thank you.
thanks man! can't believe i just bought the bird shit sneakers for $200. i'm not sure they'll work out but then I'd just sell it for $300 or something
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