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save a search on ebay. $50 supergas appear quite often.I emailed mr porter asking about vat deduction and they said "we can confirm that the price you will be charge does not include taxes or duties." is this also the case with everyone? so the prices listed there are already without VAT?
hi @chilljin, do you mind telling me the pants? Thanks!
best combos are the first two outfits. less so if you mix em up.
If I were you I would take a look at these (I've never tried them, just look good from the pics)http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/denim/products/st-220x-slim-tapered-double-black-selvedge-denimhttp://www.mrporter.com/mens/Acne_Studios/ace-cash-slim-fit-denim-jeans/411317above your budget but maybe you could find them at discount somewhere.
well, having the ability to filter your range of size is better than nothing. I set xs-s, 29-31, 9.5-10.5 as my filter on grailed for example.
add a size filter and it'd be awesome
But that sale summary is actually helpful.
Hi there, I'd like to offer these sneakers if someone's interested to trade as it turned out they don't go well with my style. Just offer me your CP's in size 43 but I particularly like: achilles vintage black, achilles low navy, achilles low white (mesh is ok too). Shoes details: Superb condition, worn 3-4 times Fit 44/10.5 best Pic: Looking forward to some offers!
I usually don't mind jeans wrinkle at the back of the knees (honeycombs) but with these okayama spirit, probably due to the thickness (16oz), they wrinkle so much at the knees that it takes out a good 1-2 inch of the inseam. With the inseam of OS already short enough, I need to pull them down back after squatting or sitting down, otherwise the jeans become almost high water. Do I always have to do this or will they drape more as they break in?
floral shirt from klaxon howl. never heard of this brand tbh. what do you think?
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