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are the bballs good enough to actually play basketball?
our legacy n&f cp
how should a ma-1 jacket normally fit? my chest is 34" and I'm not sure if this 41" chested bomber fits me well or slightly too big. I wear 38-39" shirt/sweater fyi.
it was. sold out pretty quickly.
whoa did anyone cop the xs?
http://www.mrporter.com/mens/acne_studios/college-dip-dye-loopback-cotton-jersey-sweatshirt/408335 Fuck me, totally didn't expect this would be on 70% sale with smaller sizes still available when I bought it on retail. Note: I think it runs slightly big. Xs feels like s to me.
you're probably the 138th poster that posted that kind of post about hirsh.
i asked a similar question and jompso the member recommended somet 030 and iron heart ih-555
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