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Hi everyone, So as I age I think I'm starting to grow tired of jeans and want a more mature look in pants department. I own this pair of semi-wool pants and somehow they don't fit too well with the rest of my outfit (CP sneakers, bomber, t-shirts, sweatshirt, usual casual stuff). Maybe they're not thick enough, too flary, too long, I don't know. I've seen people pull off casual look with wool pants (e.g. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/386957792958912376/), so how does one...
do you have the list of these pages? especially APC. thanks!
for sweatshirt is it best to go slim fit or regular or even almost boxy?
Hi everyone, I have one in XS but have grown out of it now I need it in S. If you'd like to sell yours or trade with my XS one, hit me up! Thank you.
So I bought this APC t-shirt from last season or so and its fabric is rather thin and fragile. It's frayed a bit (about 1cm) after I wore a bus safety belt (the one worn accross your stomach) and the collar and the hem are a bit wrinkled only after a couple of washes. Is this to be expected from APC?
only buy their stuff with at least 50% discount i'm serious.
whoa, ok. I wasn't around for almost a year.
last seen in july
anyone knows how hirsh is now?
can a super thin guy wear yohji? i'm trying to move over from slim fitting clothing due to my age and other factors but i'm afraid i'd be drowning in excess fabric.
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