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dario argento called, he wants you in his movie
I suppose the cut is not tapered at all?
I saw a listing of richard pants from f/w 2011, and the inseam is listed as 32.5". since I'm not tall, I wanna know if you can roll these up? or can they be hemmed? thank you.
thanks man! can't believe i just bought the bird shit sneakers for $200. i'm not sure they'll work out but then I'd just sell it for $300 or something
that would only make him cuter. girls be like "awww did your mom just dress you up? that's sweet!"
I heard that the retros fit a full size big. so if I wear 43 in achilles, should I go 42 with the retros? thank you.
by getting away i mean in a fashion enthusiasts/police gathering
^that track kills. what's something similar to beach house? especially their sadder songs.
if you wear a blazer/suit jacket semi-casually (e.g. derby, pants, shirt, no tie), can you get away without showing shirt cuff and without pocket square?
I thought you're @Hirsh for a second there.
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