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Looking for BNWT Eton shirts, red ribbon in size 16/41, contemporary or slim fit. Especially looking for white herringbone and button downs. Please PM me.
wish it was in 40R
can you please advise on sizing once again if I wear dress shirts in 15.75/40 and 16/41, outerwear in slim 50 and American Apparel t-shirts in size M, what Stephan Schneider shirt size I should choose? V or VI?
hi guys, I understand that it mens forum, but can you please advise which Stephan Schneider size corresponds to womens XS/S? where can I find such information? I adore Stephan so much to I want to dress my girlfriend in it head to toes
the wash is looking darker and more gray than on Baldwin website, can you please tell which color is more accurate - your or Baldwin's?
plain color also!
I'm looking for good thick (or very thick) "fisherman" sweater made of wool or cashmere. Prefer plain over cables and crew over turtleneck. Can anyone recommend some?
how is their fabric quality? stiff as APC or more soft as more upscale brands?
I wonder if any broken twill selvage denim jeans exist, can anybody help me with this?
Hello! Can you please help me to find out brand and estimated pricing of this polo shirt?
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