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Dearest SF: I needed a belt to match these Chestnut Westbournes but didn't want to drop $150 on the C&J belt. What say you?
Ok, good call. Probably makes more sense not to go hog wild from the get go. I'm going to check out Richard Lim and talk to him.Psylent, can you give me the specs of your suit, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?Much appreciated.
I am seriously considering Richard Lim. He is also right down Wilshire from me. I wonder if he will cut me a deal if I get 3 suits from him.
Style Forum Los Angelenos: Any suggestions for a place that can make me a suit for $500 to 800? Thank you!
I'm a 16 36 in BB shirts. What size am I in CT? Thank you, SF.
Im looking to buy online for cheaper, but would like to figure out my size beforehand. What say you L.A. style forum members, where do i try these bad boys on? Preferably near WeHo.
Quote: Originally Posted by kngrimm Slacks start at $250 and top out around $400. CMT is lower, and subject to a quote... Suits start at $750 and top out around $950. Again, CMT is lower. My best advice? Establish a relationship... Richard has been extremely helpful and accommodating, but it took a couple visits before he realized I was a long term customer. Thanks, Kevin Can someone tell me what CMT means?
Nevermind, turns out Richard's shop is right next to my work in Korea Town. Can you tell us how expensive those pants are? How much a suit might be?
I am in the L.A. area looking for a good tailor, where can I find this guy?
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