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I laugh at all you Chinese made Aviator wearing dudes. Buy some Randolphs instead, Made In USA and a contractor to the US armed forces
Cockpits are now made in China. Once upon a time not too long ago, just maybe three years dated back to the Pre-Obama era, an American Man could simply walk into a Rayban store and purchase a pair of aviators. In the back of his mind he knew that he was wearing an American Icon dating back to the GI's who fought for this great country. I still remember my first aviator purchase, the Beverly Hills Sales person spent 30 minutes with me and we picked the perfect shape,...
Mcaurthur, I love the cuffed khakis look. Where can I get flashy socks like yours?
Fritzl help me out here, but I think the general though is that all Vass shoes should have double sole, goyser stiching preferably in the off-yellow coloring. Also F U K lasts are not allowed on this site
That is not a style-forum approved shoe
Can the boat soles on the Chukka be replaced with a Vibram lug sole?
I just called Vass. Price for a stock chukka $420 Euro and MTO $640 Euro
Have the hand -welted shoes gone up in price yet?
I must go to Italy!
I want that boot!!
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