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Still available 10/16
Thanks, print is here: [[SPOILER]]Yeah, I do have very long legs. 33" inseam gives me no break, I'm 6'1.It's the tasmanian "tailored fit", I believe. Picked it up last year.
Interview fit pic. suit is uniqlo slim fit, unaltered
+1 if it were an unstructured tweed jacket that look would be nice
^ whole thing looks excellent but to nitpick I would've worn a pair of black boots (maybe the cliche/obvious choice but there's a reason for that imo)
second try not an exciting fit by any stretch but I'm pretty bored toj n&f cp
durrr thought this was waywt
The only ledge in my apartment building that works is around waist height. I mean, I could take a camera with me but I don't usually carry a bag around so it's not really worth the hassle.
yeah it's annoying, i can only take photos at waist-level so my proportions are always a little off
bs / hanes / dior / raf
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