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^ Nice, that's how shirts should fit
first one, that pattern is wonderful
ha, you lost me. that would be a huge PITA i think.
club monaco corduroy jacket rrl western chambray n&f weird guys lands end suede wingtips
Gant Rugger Fairisle Sweater (S) from last season. Bought it and wore it once. Fits slim TTS. p2p: 20.5" s2s: 16" sleeve: 24.5" length: 23" I'm 6'1/37" chest and it fits me well except for the length, which is a little short. $70 + shipping, retailed for $145 SOLD SOLD SOLD
Barely-worn (2-3x) John Varvatos Reverse Calfskin boots, bought em awhile ago and have a pair of PS now $150 + shipping
Heavy Tweed pants from Club Monaco last year. Pretty slim cut. Fit pic from willy cheesesteak, who had them tapered: Tons of nice details (tabs at the waist, button fly, etc). Retailed for $169, selling for $80 + shipping waist: 16.75" (tagged 30 but fits large) rise: 10.75 thigh: 12 hem: 8 inseam: 32" w/ 2" cuffs to let out SOLD SOLD SOLD
$50 + shipping Rag & Bone seersucker bermuda shorts, worn a couple times. Retail for something crazy like $200, same shorts (a size smaller in blue) here: waist: 16.25" rise: 10.25" thigh: 11.5" (approx) inseam: 9.25" opening: 10"
Uniqlo Vintage Chinos hemmed into shorts, so they fit slimmer than the regular shorts. Unworn. $15 + shipping waist: 15.75" rise: 10" thigh: 11.5" opening: 8.75 inseam: 11.5"
If anyone picks up a Monsoon jacket in M or a vest in S/M, let me know
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