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I think it would be wayyyy easier than jackets.
bb / uniqlo / cons x jv [[SPOILER]]
edit definitely missed the (10)
god, that is unbelievably amazing
^ looks pretty good mikey, but you could probably afford to sag your jeans more (hard to see) and the shoes seem a little formal for the fit. if they're not that shiny then it's all good
^ looks great but the raw denim is a little out of place
Not really looking for another guitar, but that might be worth looking into. TheGearPage looks perfect though, thank you. Might try posting it up here too.
Any tips on the best place to sell a guitar? I've got a Hamer Newport Pro that's just sitting around collecting dust, and I'm trying to avoid getting fleeced at the local Guitar Center...
My last four fits were so inoffensive that no one commented on them. What should I wear today? I'm bored and I'm settled in a routine, someone give me a theme...
Bored and trying hard not to study for my finals...
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