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I think the cardigan is fine, he should just wear it over a white v-neck and push the sleeves up with jeans and chucks. Don't button it, let it hang around a little bit.
Honestly I bet the textures work better irl, if the pants weren't quite so shiny the suede wouldn't bother me.
sup reedo sns bb shades of grey brown herringbone clarks
looks pretty good but you gotta sag those jeans more
$68 for a plain white tee is pretty insane, I'd complain about it too. Even wjk-level stuff is less expensive.
his shoulders are fine shoes are too shiny, though
Done a lot of lurking recently and I guess I want to contribute something basic. toj gibson graphic tee uniqlo jv x converse
Always jealous of jwied's Bratos, such an awesome shoe. I found a pair awhile ago and should've pulled the trigger, regretted it ever since.
I use it for Android and find it nearly unusable, is there some sort of setting I'm missing? I can't even see which threads have new posts.
New Posts  All Forums: