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Perfect condition, worn once. Fits a slim 38, great details. $130 + s/h
Nicely faded, still a lot of life. $60 + shipping. Will also trade for a size larger.
Great chinos from Gant Rugger, slim fitting and sturdy. Comes with a 2" cuff. BNWOT. Retailed for $149. $55 + shipping waist - 16" aligned" rise - 9.5" thigh - 11.25" inseam - 34.25" hem - 7.25"
$225 + shipping Worn a couple times but in excellent condition, see photos Size 43
thanks. jacket is drawn back weirdly in that pic, i have a fit pic of it buttoned from last year [[SPOILER]]
w+hwjkmmmcp [[SPOILER]]
Which Weird Guys will fade the most like the Broken Twill Skinny Guys? I have the WG Indigo Selvedge and the fading doesn't look similar, it's more silver (Indigo Selvedge) as opposed to brown/off-white (Broken Twill).
I think the cardigan is fine, he should just wear it over a white v-neck and push the sleeves up with jeans and chucks. Don't button it, let it hang around a little bit.
Honestly I bet the textures work better irl, if the pants weren't quite so shiny the suede wouldn't bother me.
sup reedo sns bb shades of grey brown herringbone clarks
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