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yes indeed - 4x uniqlo + nikesthanks for the comments all, agreed that the top (esp the t) could be sized up
Paul Smith Ricard boots in antique black. Practically new (i.e., worn once or twice). Comes with box (though it's beat up) and shoe bag. Willing to entertain offers, PM me. Buyer please add $15 for shipping within US; international shipping is at cost. Price: $250 >> $230
Sorry, I've been trying to figure this out, but how do I get the 20% off coupon?Edit: Never mind, I guess I just needed five more minutes. To sign up, go here:
I really like the belted shorts from Uniqlo, if you cuff 'em they look nice. I have these in grey and these in beige, and they fit well. J. Crew club shorts are also pretty decent.
vest makes you look a little stubby
Limited edition jacket that I picked up a couple years ago, and I'm cleaning out my casual wardrobe so it's time to go. 9/10 condition. Nice slim fit, flannel lined with a hood that zips into the shawl collar. A good fall jacket. $90 + shipping. p2p: 20" s2s: 18" sleeve: 26.5" body: 28.5" Stock pic: A couple fit pics. For reference, I'm 6'1, 155 lbs with a 37" chest.
There are actually no buttons on the sleeve, just a minimal placket. You could probably have your tailor shorten the sleeves without any trouble.
p2p 19" sleeve 26" length 25.5" The shoulder is sort of semi-raglan so the measurement (15") seems a lot narrower than it is, it fits in the shoulders like a regular small. It fits pretty much like the other +J stuff in size Small, I'm a 37" chest and it fits me well. As far as composition goes I'm not 100% sure since I don't have the tags any more, but I'm pretty sure it's 80% wool 20% polymide like the rest of the +J heavy gauge stuff.
I've also got a pair of sz 29s more worn in, trying to trade for a size larger if anyone's got em. Price negotiable, check my sig.
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