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Just saw the email subscription notification from this thread. I'm glad you found the information useful! It's great that you mentioned the thread. Helping people discover his value is exactly why I wrote the review. I think he's just starting to realize the amount of interest generated in the forums. Please keep us posted and be sure to take pics at every step. It'll be nice not being the only one posting pics of Richard Lim's work!
Thanks, Richard Lim in Los Angeles made it. I posted additional pics as an update to this review thread I started last year:Full Review - Richard Lim Tailor - PLUS - Finished Navy Summer Jacket PicsForex, yes they are LL linens. Specifically the "Cypress" and "Oakmont". I absolutely love the fabric. It has a bit of body and drapes nicely. It's not exactly spongy, but does border on it. It's very soft though and breathes well. Couldn't be happier.
One liability funded: (13oz London Lounge RAF PoW Brisa) Two liabilities added to the closet: (13oz London Lounge Linen PoW Suiting) Seasons be damned, I can't wait to have these linens made up for LA's permanent summer.
I'm probably leaning in that direction as well. But it certainly isn't a deal breaker on the jacket, IMO. I'll just chalk it up as a bespoke quirk. Something else to specify on my next order!
Hi Renault, thanks for the comments. You're right that I have a strong interest in clothing, but it isn't officially an academic pursuit. After my first jacket order at Lim (a few years ago), I tried another bespoke tailor out of curiosity (A guy named Mr. Lee on Fairfax). I had 3 shirts made and a suit. There were 5 fittings and the fit was pretty good. However, the construction methods left me wanting. He only used fusing, no canvassing at all, and was very particular...
Thanks again! C.M.T. cost on this jacket was $520 + tax ($485 + $35 for working button holes). I feel so lucky that Richard is only 20 mins away!I thought the same thing when I looked at the photo. I think it's a combination of the low angle of the shot and the wide angle distortion of the camera phone lens. Putting on the jacket, the suppression follows my body perfectly.I'll try to get some official pics snapped in the next day or so.
Hey guys, time for another update! Just got back from picking this up from Richard. Trousers and waistcoat are next. Still deciding on the details. This jacket is lined with china silk (silk habotai) and uses the same construction as the last jacket I had made. The shoulders are unlined, with a spalla camicia. Here are some informal pics that Richard snapped for me. The angles are a bit off, plus the wide angle distortion of the lens (I usually photograph at eye level;...
Despos, thanks for taking the time to comment on this. I'll be sure to discuss your suggestions, for tweaking the jacket back, with my tailor.I also appreciate the distinction between high rise with pleats and not-as-high with flat fronts. Taking the leap to high rise trousers was a pretty big step for me, I wanted to be careful and not combine that with an experiment in pleats. However, thanks to your suggestion, I'm looking forward to trying double forward pleats on my...
Turns out you're right! I'll take a two pronged approach. I'll use my boxers with no seams in the back and I'll have the pants let out a bit.Thanks again+1It's hard to convey just how finicky the cloth is. Here's a shot I forgot to process from yesterday. It's perhaps the "cleanest" shot of the jacket. The line of my back looks perfect, and behind my arms is really clean. I need that "extra" fabric to move around.
Thanks a lot!I noticed that as well, the funny thing is, I'm wearing boxer briefs, so I don't even know where the outline came from. The pants aren't even tight, just snug. The cloth is just too thin. I may have everything let out just a bit.
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